MDCP mention in The Wire

June 1999
From the "Go To:" insert of Rob Young's Multimedia column, page 77

MiniDisc Community Page

With MiniDiscs currently establishing themselves as the small-scale personal music carrier (and field recording equipment) of choice, a 'community' of MD users is perceived and serviced by the founders of this text-heavy site, which stores operation/service manuals, purchasing guides, FAQs, and unhyped evaluations of the format's audio quality. You can also read press articles for, against and ignorant of the worth and function of MDs, and link to a host of other sites, discussing MD audio theory and politics, battery life, repair tips, trading places and more. While there's inevitably reams of anal, technical detail, thankfully the site editors can also poke fun at media articles which review the comparative blankness of recordable discs, and provide sections on MD tracking and "cool things people are doing with MiniDiscs" (not all that cool, apart from the unspeakable things people do the discs in order to test their durability).

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