Cancelling TOC Updates on a Sony MD Deck

Found by Dirk ([email protected])

Users sometimes make incorrect edits to an MD by accident. Modern Sony decks allow 1 level of `UNDO', but sometimes this is not enough. It turns out that on modern Sony MD decks (MDS-302 /303 /330 /501 /503 /JE500 /JE640 /JE630 /JE640 /JE510 /JE520 /JE530 /JE320 /JA20ES /JA3ES /S35 /S37 /S38 /S40 /JB920 /JB930 / DHC-EX770MD ...) [write me if it works on your deck and it's not listed here] there is an easy way to eject an MD without writing the TOC, thereby restoring the TOC to the state it was in when the disc was inserted.

To Remove an MD without writing the TOC:

By the way, your MD unit is now in retry cause display mode.

Exiting Retry Cause Display Mode

To exit, press the power button of your recorder.

Procedures for MDS-501

Joe Redifer ([email protected]) adds that on the MDS-501 home deck you can undo editing mistakes this way:

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