An Open Letter to Sony Requesting
NetMD Audio Upload Facility

May, 2002

Nobuyuki Idei
Chairman and CEO
Sony Corporation of Japan
7-35 Kitashinagawa 6-chome
Shinagawa-ku Tokyo 141, Japan
Howard Stringer
Chairman and CEO
Sony Corporation of America
550 Madison Ave, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10022-3211, USA

Dear Messrs. Idei and Stringer:

Kudos to Sony for creating the recent NetMD extension to the Minidisc format! NetMD is a boon to users and is certain to increase the format's success. On behalf of the Minidisc's community of users, may I extend our appreciation. Indeed, the high-speed audio downloading capability and improved computer integration of NetMD highlights a surprising omission in Minidisc: its lack of a facility for taking audio recordings directly from Minidisc to PC.

As editor of the Minidisc Community website, this is the single most frequent topic that I am contacted about. Readers are genuinely bewildered; how can Sony's Minidisc, so perfectly suited to digital field recording, be so unsuitable for getting their recordings onto a computer? Anyone wishing to transfer live Minidisc recordings to a PC for further processing or distribution faces an arcane and lengthly procedure that rarely produces the best results. And ironically, the ones most affected by this bottleneck are precisely those pursuing Sony's worthy adage, "Go Create!"

As the heads of Sony's both technical and artistic divisions, you are in a unique position to bring Sony's technology into harmony with the needs of artists. It is with faith in Sony's commitment to serving the creative ambitions of its customers that I ask you to please address this unfortunate gap in Minidisc's otherwise well-rounded feature-set. The Minidisc is a wonderful audio format that, like the millions of individuals it serves, deserves to reach its full potential.


Eric Woudenberg

Enclosure: Proposal for NetMD Upload Facility

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