Further Tales of MiniDisc's Shockworthiness

Off a Cliff

Ammer (Holland)
Hi, this is a shocking story about my MD player which I bought in japan because I studied there a year ago. I was walking on a mountain with my host family's dog. The dog was very nervous and wanted to take a dump. He was spinning around me and pushed me, my new MD player fell outta my pocket and down a mountain cliff. At first I couldn't find it, but after a complete area search I found it (damaged) but it still worked. 7 months later it died and I cried the world together. I buried it and gave it my blessings for heaven.

Another story, a Japanese guy had a new portable MD unit and that he was so careful with and showed to all his friends. He came home and sat on the balcony (10th floor, Tokyo) and suddenly his MD player fell down and crashed into pieces. So he divorced with his MD player.

Bouncing Down a Sidewalk

Dan Simpson
Buying my MiniDisc recorder was the best thing I ever spent money on! I'm very hard on all my portable stereo equipment. I lost count of all the Walkman and portable CD players I have owned they all break too easily. Within the first week of owning my MiniDisc player I missed a bus to work and started running after it. Not even thinking of my new toy it leaped out of my pocket and bounced across the sidewalk at least 5 or 6 times before coming to a stop. Now thinking of all my previous Walkmans and Discmans, I freaked, picked up the battered MiniDisc player and put the disk back in, pushed play and it still worked PERFECTLY like nothing happened at all. I was amazed. The only sign of a drop was a scuff on the side.

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