Entering Test Mode on the Sharp MD-MT20

Remko van der Vossen ([email protected])
September 1999

Entering Test mode on the MD-MT20H:

To select a sub-mode, press BASS. AUTO1 Appears. (pressing STOP at this point returns you to the TEST screen.) Use SKIP BACK |<< and SKIP FORWARD >>| to page through the sub mode choices:

    T PLAY
    T REC
    E DATA
Press PLAY [>] at one of these to enter that submode. The submodes seem to be the same as those given for the MD-MS200, but aren't in the same order, and severel are split up into 2, and may use different controls. In most of the submodes, pressing STOP returns you to the test sceen.

Entering test mode seems to reset the settings saved for A-PLAY, Psave, and BEEP.

Personally I haven't explored the submenus a lot, just entered several of them, and haven't toutched anything other than STOP to return to the test screen. The one I've tried to explore was Normal mode, which let's you run your player like normal mode, but there's some additional info on the display (that is, it should do that). When I enter it, all it says is: 'ErADJ.' and that's all, whatever button I push, it doesn't matter, only the STOP button works, which gets me back to the test screen.

-Remko van der Vossen ([email protected])

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