Sharp MD-MS702 Factory EEPROM Settings

Hannes Rohde ([email protected])
November, 1999

These are default values from the service manual:

BASS settings:
  BS1_  02h
  BS2_  A4h
  BS3_  C4h

ADJSET settings:
  COK_  A0h
  FAT_  C0h
  TAT_  3Fh
  CAT_  20h
  FAB_  00h

DEQSET settings:
  HQ1_  90h
  HQ2_  90h
  HSG_  11h
  HSO_  FDh
  LQ1_  90h
  LQ2_  90h
  LSG_  11h
  LSO_  00h
  GQ1_  98h
  GQ2_  84h
  GSG_  11h
  GSO_  00h
  GQR_  00h

CTRL__ settings:
  CT0_  48h
  CT1_  E0h
  PWL_  00h
  RC0_  C0h
  RC1_  FEh
  SYC_  A6h
  DR1_  A0h
  DR2_  A6h
  IN1_  D4h
  IN2_  67h
  CTR_  6Dh
  CT2_  14h
  CT3_  03h
  CT4_  64h
  CT5_  74h
  CT6_  08h
  CT7_  00h
  SPM_  00h
  MSL_  80h
  RSL_  00h
The values for Focus, Spin, Track, Sled and Temp are referring to settings of the optical block and should be left alone...

Note that not all values that differ from this list mean there's an error. My unit had two different values in the control menu and did work, though changing them to the default settings did no harm.

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