Sharp MD-S50 Review

Contributed by Erin ([email protected])

The MD-S50 is a play-only walkman that was released in the earlier part of 1996. As far as I know, the MD-SS70 is its replacement. The MD-S50 uses the classic 'clamshell' style design: the lid pops open on an angle, you insert the MD, then close the lid. The SS70 uses the newer 'slot-in' style design, but it is substantially larger.

My friend bought the MD-S50 for me in Tokyo a while ago for 24,000 Yen including tax. With the recent release of Sharp's MD-SS70, the MD-S50 may be found even cheaper.

Here are my thoughts on the MD-S50, in no particular order:

Final thoughts: if price is an issue then you may want to compare the S50's price to the SS70, as the S50 should be significantly discounted now. If price doesn't matter as much, and you'd like the slot-in design, go for the SS70 - you get the ease-of-use of the slot, plus over double the playback time, however it's substantially larger than the S50.

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