Sony MZ-R5ST Review

John Lawrence ([email protected])

I own a MZ-R5ST, and I absolutely love it. It is the perfect system for me. It contains every editing feature I need (and some I don't) including everything a -R30 has plus time machine recording, an undo feature, easy track and disc labeling, and a very easy-to-use manual record level knob which can be changed during use.

Currently, I have it attached to my old (but excellent) Kyocera amp using the active speaker output because then I am able to control the volume by using the included credit card sized remote control. The screen displays the song and disc title at the same time, all necessary time info separately, what tracks are left, play mode, disc activity indicator, battery indicator for portable unit, disc location indicator, and level indicator for recording and playback for both the left and right channel separately. This screen, which gives off an indiglo backlight, folds down manually to cover the portable unit when not in use.

The buttons on the docking station are well placed and organized - especially the titling buttons. The unit itself is easy to use. Other info on the docking station: 2 optical in, 1 opt. out, 1 analog in/out, headphone jack w/ level control, spare battery charger on side, and input select switch, timer switch, and synchro record switch. Overall, I love the docking station and find it very easy to use. However, I wish there was a mic in on the station as well as on the portable unit for mic recording w/o battery usage if portability is not important in a certain situation for mic recording.

I am almost as impressed with the portable unit. It is mechanically released from the station with an easy to use switch which can also just open the unit while still attached to the station (i.e. you don't have to remove the portable unit to switch discs.) First of all, the thing is tiny. This is because it does not have any editing features since all of the editing is done on the docking station. The "play" controls are on the left edge, and the recording ones (rec., pause, track mark, and end search) are on the front along with the open switch and the remote/phones female plug. The mic input is on the back, and the mega bass, avls, and mic sens. switches are on the back.

The portable display only shows the batt. indicator, disc activity, play mode, track #, all neccesary time info., and even mic level during manual record. The in-line remote shows the titles, time info, batt. indicator, and disc activity.

The only grudges I have against this unit are that it does not have a line in/out or power in. Also, it seems more delicate than my old MZ-R3. However, it is much smaller, making it easier to enter a concert with if I have to go stealth.

Overall, this system is the best I've seen, and it only cost about $530 from Sawada Denki. I recommend the system to anyone who needs portability and great editing and ease. If you have any questions, e-mail me and I will respond very quickly.

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