For unsecure MD Walkman microphone plugs:

A Velcro Strain Relief for Microphone Connections

Use a short strip of velcro fastener (e.g. the textile strip substitute for sports-shoe laces. Use the type with self sticking glue on one side). Stick the soft (matted) velcro piece on the back edge of the MD Walkman, between the battery case and the 6 DC V in plug. Then attach two velcro hook strips of a length the same as the matted strip together, putting their glue sides back to back. Now poke 4 little holes in it and wrap it with two (small) cable binders at an appropriate place on the microphone cable.

(transl. Klettband=velcro fastener, Kabelbinder=cabel binder)

Whenever you use the microphone, push in the mic plug, pull the microphone cable soft (and easy!) around the edge and attach it. Ready! The costs are not more than 3DM and it's easy to do, requiring no tools or opening of the MD Walkman.

(transl. around the edge stressed!)

Never lose a microphone cap again. Stick a strip velcro fastener around the microphone. The foam from the cap will hold by itself to the hooks from the velcro fastener.

(transl. Klettband=velcro fastener, Popschutz=micro cap, ECM-MS957=microphone)

A German translation you will find at:

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