Please address comments, updates, corrections, etc. to the webmaster. Regarding questions about MiniDiscs, even though I maintain these pages I am not a guru (and like everyone else, I was once a rank beginner), so I would prefer that MD questions be posted to the Minidisc Community Forums or the MiniDisc Mailing List so that everyone benefits from the discussion. Bear in mind that if you do email me an MD question, I am likely to answer it with a cc: to the MD mailing list unless you specifically instruct me not to. I also kindly request that you read the FAQ before posting.

All our contact Email addresses have changed due to the torrent of spam/virus messages. Please prefix your email address for us with "md-", e.g. "md-webmaster". Use the main domain name (i.e. after the '@' symbol.

I am always happy to receive reviews of MD units, especially for unusual or unpopular equipment. Before beginning an article however, please have a look at my guidelines for authors.

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