I wish to sincerely thank Sony for having the vision to pursue the development of the MiniDisc, despite the risks it may present to their music sales. They continue to see technological innovation as the best way to ensure profitability.

I must also thank The IEEE, The AES, Sony, John Watkinson and Focal Press, MJ Magazine, Audio Magazine and Stereo Magazine for the often extensive (nay complete) excerpts I have taken from some material. I have notified the respective copyright holders of my publication of their work.

I owe a debt of gratitude to these others who have helped make this page possible: Sumit Shah created the first edition of the MiniDisc Page on November 24, 1995. Jamshid Afshar subsequently maintained the US mirror until Sep. 96. Miska Sulander ([email protected]) maintains the at the University of Jyvaskyla. Rich Brennan ([email protected]) donated space at his company, ConnActivity Internet Services, for the US MiniDisc Page. Nick Perry ([email protected]) kindly provides space for the UK mirror site and maintains the MD mailing list as well as the MD-L archive on his site

Great thanks are also due the members of the MiniDisc mailing list, the information in these pages is in large part the assembled wisdom and information that has scrolled through the digests over the years that I have been a member. I am more an editor than an expert, winnowing the MiniDisc information signal from the noise.

To those alert readers and net surfers among you who contacted me with tips, I am much obliged. I greatly appreciate receiving email notification of new products and web sites, and I particularly prize scans of magazine articles. Anything you can send me will help to make these Web pages more informative and useful. When in doubt, drop me a line of email to see if I've seen it. Thanks!

May this page be of help to you. -Eric Woudenberg

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