Skip-free music, even while crashing

Jared Carey ([email protected])
January 1999

I have owned an MZ-R50 for about four months and along with that a '98 Ford Ranger for about two weeks... My portable Minidisc recorder was hooked up to my stereo system in my truck by means of one of those "tape adapters." I played it everywhere I went. Well, one night it was dark, rainy, cold, yucky, etc. I was driving home from work and had to make a left turn onto a major highway. A "historic marker sign" blocked my view of a set of car lights that I should have seen, but it was too late. The truck was totaled out completely with most of the damage on the driver's side door. However, I could still hear the music playing on loud and proud without a single skip from my Minidisc player, which was thrown behind the passenger seat.

Another reader adds:

I have owned a Sony MDX-C150 car deck for three years now. Since I've had it, it has never skipped a beat, and I mean never. One interesting situation happened about 2 years ago. I was driving home from school when I came upon an intersection. The light was green and I proceeded to go through it, as I was at the point of no return (You know, where I couldn't have stopped safely) the light changed yellow, I remember seeing this. Anyway, right after the light changed I noticed that someone in the left turn lane in front of me decided to jump the RED light and stop their car right in front of mine when they noticed I was coming. Needless to say, I totaled that car. But the great thing was that after the actual crash, I was at a dead stop with my foot on the accelerator, and Megadeth blaring in the background.

A second, and quite similar occurrence happened not just three months after that, with another car. Someone else had run a red light and forced me to wreck yet another car, but that damn MD deck just wouldn't stop playing my music!

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