NetMD Upload Petition to Sony

August 19, 2002

Dear Sony,

Thank you for your patience during our NetMD Upload signature drive. As you may know, during the past three months thousands of visitors to the Minidisc Community website have taken the time to express their support for a NetMD based Minidisc to computer audio uploading capability.

Enclosed are over 2000 collected signatures, nearly all of them with commentary. Reading it, one is inescapably drawn to the conclusion that audio uploading to computer is an obvious and necessary feature for a portable digital recorder. Indeed, several hard disk and solid-state audio recorders with this function exist today. It hardly strains convention to offer Minidisc users the same convenience.

At the end of the day, Sony's brilliance at creating groundbreaking devices such as the Minidisc must be matched by a willingness to carry them to their conclusion. Withholding audio uploading only cheats Minidisc of its natural utility and frustrates its users.

This petition requests, on behalf of Minidisc users everywhere, that Sony muster the courage to create Minidisc recorders that fulfill the format's digital promise.


Eric Woudenberg

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