Sony NetMD Advertising Campaign in Spain

Igor Jané
August 2002

"Download the music to your MiniDisc"

Sony España (Sony Spain) has launched a stong marketing project with a special emphasis on NetMD. We are seeing TV or cinema spots for NetMD with the MZ-N1 in the whole of Europe.

In Spain they promote MD, CD and MP3 equipment on every type of Coca-Cola container. You can find the words "NetMD" on every Coke can in the country. Shown are some pictures of this massive publicity campaign with Coca-Cola.

A Prizewinner Reports

Re: "Be Tainted with Music" Coca-Cola Prizes in Spanish competition

Greetings, I have to say that I've never been so lucky as on 13 August because that day I decided to get all the caps from the Coca-Cola bottles of my friends who didn't pay any attention to the promotion. I tried with the first cap and found myself winning a Minidisc. I couldn't believe it! (in spite of the fact that they were requesting my address and other information.) Last Friday (16 Aug) I got a call from Coca-Cola confirming it. I only have to pay 6€ for the shipping, apart from bringing in my bottle cap and my DNI (Identity Card).

I need to clarify that the Minidisc Coca-Cola offers is not the Sony MZ-N1, but the Silver MZ-N505 in the European version, that is, with remote, rechargeable battery and optical cable. Coca-Cola Spain has a few words about the prize on their website.

I'm getting my new NetMD this Wednesday, I can't wait for that moment.

-Servando Doval

"Travel to the concert of your life and win audio gifts every 30 minutes (NetMDs, CDs, MP3s...)"

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