Service Mode on an MZ-R1

Shawn Lin ([email protected])

To get into Test Mode...

  1. With an AC cord unplugged and battery removed, short JR106 with solder jumper.
  2. Plug-in the AC cord, and the TEST mode will be activated.
  3. To deactivate the TEST mode, remove the solder jumper.

To "reformat" an MD...

  1. Erasing of UTOC area
    CAUTION: This should be executed only when the contents of disc are not erased completely through ALL ERASE operation because the contents of UTOC area are all erased, resulting in an empty disc just as a new disc.
  2. Press NEXT key to move optical pick up to a proper position in Groove area.
  3. Press PLAY key and PLAY MODE key to place the set in ALL SERVO ON status.
  4. When pressing ENTER key, the pickup makes an access to inside track, erases UTOC area, and stops.

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