MZ-E30 Review

Kyle Schmitt ([email protected])

I bought the new MZ-E30 at Camera World of Oregon, to replace my MZ-E3.   This is a review of its features and technology.

The Unit Itself

    My first impression in the store, was that the unit was unbelievably small, a little less than 3/4 the length of the MZ-E3, and still just as thin as the MZ-E3.  The whole unit can be almost overshadowed by a minidisc.  The unit is also very light, about 50% lighter than the MZ-E3 or about 120 grams without battery, remote, and MD or 160 grams pocket weight.  
    The unit is also incredibly cool looking, it looks space-age and high tech.  I got the silver chrome colored one, however the other colors available are blue and sparkling orange.  Overall, this is a nice-looking unit.

The Features & Accessories

    This unit is functional as well as nice looking. Included in the box is the unit itself, a gum battery and case, AA battery case (with AC adapter input),  Ni-MH battery charger, remote, and Sony's best MDR-E838 ear bud headphones.
    The Hi-MH battery lasts about 5 hours (the manual says 4, but a brand new one lasts longer), with an AA attached (yes you have to attach the external case to the unit, making it a little bigger and less neat) you get 10 hours.  The battery takes 60 minutes to recharge fully.
    The remote is a full featured remote, with a larger LCD than the MZ-E3. It is designed so that you can put the unit in your pocket and control it completely from the remote.  The headphones are great, they can hurt your ears a bit though because of their oval shape.  The sound is also great.


    So far I have not experienced any problems with the unit, the only unusual feature is that there is no pause button on the main body, so you can only pause from the remote.  The headphone output can be a bit weak (at least with the MD that I recorded).  Overall this a great unit, and I recommend it to everyone who loves MD, it is well styled and functional.

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