Minidisc Plays ``Muskrat Love'' Through Car Crash

Lawrence Brown, April 1, 2001

I own a 1980 blue Chevette which I purchased for $50 (the fuel tank was half full and there was some change in the crack of the passenger seat). I also own the Sony MD-4587693XZXCV-1 portable Minidisc recorder which I purchased for $899 on sale when it first came out (because I knew that the Minidisc media was far ahead of its time). I rewired the Kraco AM/FM - 8Track player in the car and allowed my Minidisc to be played through the one speaker that still worked in the passenger side door. It does put some additional strain on the electrical system to have the radio playing while the engine is running, but it only is truly noticeable on hills and fortunately I have a hole in the floor board to allow for what I call the "Flintstone Turbo Boost".

Anyway, one day I was cruising down the fast lane of I-45 at rush hour listening to "Muskrat Love" which is perhaps the greatest song ever recorded (I recorded it with my Minidisc off of the radio by pestering them for a week straight until they played it). I forgot to mention that when the radio is playing the right blinker comes on occasionally for no reason. So anyway right after I start it playing this Mazda Miata comes flying up behind me and just totally runs over me. He claimed that he thought that my car was on fire and that I was trying to get off of the freeway (I do burn a little oil on the hills, especially when the "FTB" kicks in).

Well, the Sony worked like a champ, and until the authorities showed up I made him listen to "Muskrat Love" over and over again while telling him the glory of the Minidisc media and laughing to myself as I saw his in-dash CD player which I knew he would never be able to use to listen to this classic tune on (just try finding it on CD).

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