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The Nitty-Gritty
  Kenwood eXcelon KMD-X92  

Warranty Note

Changer Controls

Warranty Note

2 Year Warranty: This unit comes with a 1-year warranty card, but the actual warranty is 2-years. The 2-year warranty period has been confirmed and authorized by Kenwood.


D MASK+ Motorized Self-Hiding Removable Faceplate: This unit is equipped with a detachable MASK faceplate. When the unit is shut off while the faceplate is in place, a stealth mechanism reverses the faceplate, so only a blank panel is visible. If you prefer added security, you may detach the face plate and take it with you. When the face plate is in the stealth position and you turn the ignition on, the unit turns on and the faceplate reverses to reveal the display and controls. You may put the face plate into it's closed position by pressing the source button for over a second. When closed this way, you can re-open the unit by pressing the "Manual Open Button". The "Manual Open Button" is located on the upper left corner of the blank side of the face plate, and you may select how many times (from 1 to 3) it must be pressed to open the unit. 

Security Code: You may program the unit with a 4 digit security code. Once the unit has been programmed with a security code, the code must be entered to use the unit after it has been disconnected from power.

Display Type: This unit has a high-resolution, color LCD with fluorescent backlight. The readout is a 15 x 96 full dot matrix display. This combination provides a bright, easy to read display with high resolution.

Display Illumination: The unit has a multi-colored display. The tuner frequency, RDS indicator, MD track number, MD track time and MD text are displayed with light blue illumination. The source icons and clock information are displayed with medium blue illumination. The Loud and Auto 1/2 indicators are displayed with red illumination. 

Display Modes: You may select the "vertical division display mode", "horizontal display mode" or the "full-screen display mode". 

  • Vertical division display mode: shows source information in the upper part of the display while a spectrum analyzer, a graphic (with clock) or the date is shown in the lower part of the display
  • Horizontal division display mode: shows source information in the right side of the display, while a graphic, spectrum analyzer, analog clock or digital clock is displayed in the left part of the display
  • Full-screen display mode: fills the display with one of the three spectrum analyzer patterns and signal level meters, or dolphins swimming 

Button Illumination: The SRC button is backlit with medium blue illumination. The button illumination for all of the buttons, except the SRC button, may be set to green or red. Changing the button illumination color changes only the button illumination (except the source button which remains blue), it does not change the display illumination. 

Anti-Shock Memory: This unit is equipped with a 10-second anti-shock memory for skip-free play even when the unit is jarred continuously for up to 10-seconds.

Plus/Minus Power Source: This type of power source generates higher supply voltages for audio circuits, enabling higher output levels with less noise and distortion. Additionally, the plus/minus power supply isolates the audio ground from the vehicle's chassis ground, eliminating ground loops and interference.

4.5-volt gold-plated front, rear and non-fading preamp outputs

System E's+ Advanced Crossover System: The System E's+ system allows you to select a high pass filter for the front and/or rear preamp and speaker outputs. The high pass filter frequency may be set to 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180 or 220Hz. You may set the low pass filter for the non-fading preamp outputs to 50Hz, 80Hz, 120Hz or "through" and select the phase for the non-fading RCA of normal or reverse.

KEX/ec4 (Sound Coordinate System): 5 EQ curves are preset into memory, allowing you to recall the best preset EQ curve for different types of music. The preset curves are named "Flat", "Rock", "Top 40", "Jazz" and "Easy". Each preset has it's own bass center frequency, bass level, bass quality factor, bass extension, treble center frequency and treble level settings. This system allows you to select a bass center frequency (60, 70, 80, 100 or 150Hz), the bass "Q" (1.0, 1.25, 1.5 or 2.0), the Bass EXT mode (on/off) and the treble center frequency (10k, 12.5k, 15.0k or 17.5kHz) for more precise control of your system's sound. You may modify the preset curves and enter up to 6 of your custom curves into preset memory. If you store a custom curve in preset memory, the new curve overwrites the factory preset curve. The preset curves are recalled using the audio control menu and the preset buttons.

Volume Offset Control ("VOL OFFSET"): The level of each source may be independently adjusted to prevent radical leaps in output volume when switching from one source to another. The available settings range from -8 to 0.

External Amp Control: Kenwood also calls this "B.M.S." (Bass Management System). When used with a compatible, Kenwood eXcelon amplifier, you can adjust the bass boost level of the amplifier through this head unit. You may select Flat, or boost the bass of the amplifier by +6 or +12dB.

Faceplate Angle Adjustment: Using a switch mounted below the MD slot, you may set the unit to hold the display at one of two angles or flat against the front of the chassis.

Black Mask Display Setting: If you desire a less cluttered display appearance, you may turn off the lower part of the display. With the Black Mask function set to "on", only the main display line illuminates.

Display Dimming/Brightness: The display's brightness level can be set within a range of 1-10. One brightness level may be selected for the daytime (when the parking/head lights are not on), and another setting may be selected for nighttime operation. When the illumination wire of this unit is connected to the headlamp circuit of you vehicle and you turn your lights on, the display will dim to the preset level you selected.

Auxiliary Input "Ready": When used with an optional adapter (KCA-S210A or CA-C1AX) or with the KDC-CX82 or KDC-CX85 CD changers, this unit can accept input from an auxiliary source. This unit cannot accept input from an auxiliary source unless the appropriate adapter or CD changer is also purchased and connected. When the CA-C1AX adapter (item 113CAC1AX) is used, you cannot connect a CD changer to the head unit (the CA-C1AX plugs into the DIN changer control connection on the head unit).

Dual Zone Capability: This feature allows you to play an auxiliary source through the rear channels and the tuner or built-in MD player through the front channels.


  • To use the Dual zone feature you must purchase one of the following items: KCA-S210A, CA-C1AX, KDC-CPS82, KDC-CX82, KDC-CPS85 or KDC-CX85
  • When this feature is active, the bass, treble and loudness controls do not affect the rear channels.
  • When the Dual Zone system is on, the CD/MD changer controls are deactivated.

CR2 advanced clear reception tuner

CRSC (Clean Reception System Control): Eliminates multi-path distortion. It can be turned off for better reception when a  multi-path situation is not present.

SNPS (Station Name Preset): You can assign names (up to 8 characters) for up to 32 FM stations and 16 AM stations. After a name has been assigned, you can press the DNPP button on the remote to display the name of each preset station for 5 seconds. When the name of the desired station appears, you can press the OK button on the remote to select the station. If a name has not been entered for a preset, the frequency will display. As the station names are cycled, you hear the station that was tuned in prior to the DNPP button being pressed, you do not hear the stations as their names are displayed.

RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System): RBDS is used by some FM radio stations to transmit additional data; this unit has the following functions:

  • PTY (Program type) Function: Allows you to seek tune only stations with the desired type of programming. The programming is broken down into: 1) News, 2) Information, 3) Sports, 4) Talk, 5) Rock, 6) Classic Rock, 7) Adult Hits, 8) Soft Rock, 9) Top 40, 10) Country, 11) Oldies, 12) Soft, 13) Nostalgia, 14) Jazz, 15) Classical, 16) R&B, 17) Soft R&B, 18) Language, 19) Religious Music, 20) Religious Talk, 21) Personality, and 22) Public. You can register up to 48 non-RBDS stations as program types. When you register a non-RBDS station as a certain program type it will be found when using PTY seek tune for stations in that particular category
  • Alarm: When in Tuner mode or when the Traffic Information function is turned on and an emergency transmission is made, this unit's tuner will automatically switch to the warning.
  • Traffic Information Function: If a traffic information station begins to broadcast a traffic bulletin while an MD is playing, the unit will automatically play the bulletin and return to the MD when the bulletin ends. This function may be turned on/off.
  • Radio Text: This unit displays text info which might be transmitted by RBDS stations, if the station is not transmitting text, the unit will display "No Text". You can set radio text to scroll  automatically, or it can be set to manual which allows you to scroll one line at a time.
  • Auto Time Set: When set to auto time set, the unit will automatically set the time when tuned to a RBDS station which broadcasts time information.

Selectable Tuning Spacing: You may select U.S. standard or European tuning spacing. To switch to/from European tuning spacing, hold down preset buttons 1 and 5, then press the reset button (while holding down preset buttons 1 and 5). Hold all three buttons in for 3-seconds, then release only the reset button. 3-seconds after releasing the reset button, release the preset 1 and preset 5 buttons.

Tuning Modes: Besides manual and auto (seek) tuning, there is an Auto 2 mode which cycles through the presets when you press the >> or << buttons.

MD Title Display: This unit will display MD disc and track titles that have been pre-recorded. This receiver will not allow you to enter disc/track titles for MDs, it will only display titles that have been recorded.

CD Changer Control: This unit can control up to two compatible Kenwood CD changers. To connect two changers, a switching adapter (item 113KCAS210) is needed; item 113KCAS210 is sold separately.

MD Pause: You can pause the MD player without having the tuner come on.

Last Position Memory: If the unit is shut off or switched to the tuner mode while an MD is playing, the next time MD is selected as the source, playback will resume from the point where it left off.

Source Tone Memory: You can store bass and treble settings for each source (MD/FM/AM/CD changer).

Calendar Function: The date may be set into memory and displayed. 

Memo Mode: You may input a text message (up to 32 characters) and set the date when that text will appear on the display. The message you select automatically appears on the chosen date when the unit's power is first turned on. You may enter up to 30 separate text messages into memory.  

Weather Band Tuner Compatible: This unit is compatible with the Kenwood KTC-WB100 weather band tuner (sold separately).  The optional tuner box allows you to tune in weather band radio stations. There are approximately 480 weather band radio stations in the United States, and this option allows you to tap into the information needed to prepare for outdoor activities such as sporting events, camping trips and days at the park. 

Heads-up Display Compatible: Kenwood's KPA-HD100 heads-up display (sold separately) may be connected to this receiver and placed on the dashboard, or overhead. The heads-up display can give a readout of the information from this receiver's display, allowing you to monitor the radio without the inconvenience and danger of taking your eyes from the road to look down at the radio location. 

Disc Changer Control Functions

  • 2 changer control: when used with item 113KCAS210 (sold separately), this unit can control two changers
  • Pause
  • Audible search forward/reverse
  • Track search forward/reverse
  • Disc search forward/reverse
  • Repeat track/disc
  • Track scan: scans each track on a disc for 10 seconds.
  • Disc scan: scans the first 10 seconds of each disc in changer.
  • Random play: plays all tracks on one disc randomly, when all tracks on that disc have been played it will start randomly playing tracks on next disc in changer.
  • Magazine Random Play: randomly plays tracks on all discs in changer.
  • DNPS (Disc Name Preset): The DNPS feature can be used to enter disc names into memory. The number of characters per name and the number of names that may be entered depends on the changer model; with the KDCC715 and 665 CD changers, you can store up to 100 names. 
  • DNPP (Disc Name Preset Play): Once a disc has been named, you may press the DNPP button on the remote to display the name of each disc for 5 seconds. When the name of the desired disc appears, you can press the OK button on the remote to select the disc for playback.
  • CD Text/MD Display: when connected to a CD Text capable CD changer (or an MD changer) with an "O-N" switch set to "N", this unit can display disc and track titles for discs encoded with disc/track information. The unit can be set to manually or automatically scroll text information. CD Text Display with CD Text compatible changer can be set to auto or manual scroll.

Remote Control Functions

RC-520 Remote: Kenwood's RC-520 infrared remote control is included with this unit.

Remote Dimensions: L = 5.695", W = 1.961", H = 0.941"


  • Volume +/-: a rocker button used for volume control
  • SRC: selects source (Tuner, MD, CD-MD changer)
  • Tune/Track |<</>>|
  • ATT button: attenuates output
  • Play/Pause 
  • AM/Disc- 
  • FM/Disc+
  • "*" (asterisk button has no function with this unit)
  • DNPP/SBF: Allows you to display all discs name which have been preset in the changer and to select any of these discs to play.
  • Direct/OK 
  • 0-9/A-Z alphanumeric keypad


Note: Please allow at least 1.25" in front of the face for the stealth mechanism to retract.

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