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2005 April 13th

New commodity

MD for music (the minidisk) and, it has the record capacity of 1GB, in "the Hi-MD" disk
It makes easymakes easy the data can be recorded, Hi-MD drive sale of portable type

Portable Hi-MD drive ' DS-HMD1 '
(As for substance color, from the left silver and lead-lead, black and green)

The portable Hi-MD drive ' DS-HMD1 where the SONY marketing corporation, MDfor music (the minidisk *) and, has the record capacity of 1GB and easily can record the data of the personal computer and the like to "the Hi-MD" disk, ' it sells.

* In case of 80 minutes MD, as for record capacity when doing "the Hi-MD" format, 305MB

MD (the minidisk) and as for "the Hi-MD" disk, the data and the like of the personal computer 100 ten thousand time it is possible to recording & to retain. In addition, because the disk has entered into the cartridge, to be resistant to also the scar, with the record media whose reliability is high, it is the media which is optimum, to the backup of important data such as picture of the memory which takes with the digital still camera and file of the personal computer e.g., it is difficult to receive the influence of light.

Type name Sale day Desired retail price
Portable Hi-MD drive ' DS-HMD1 ' May 21st Open price

' DS-HMD1 ', mainly MD which has spread (the minidisk) and it is the Hi-MD drive which designates "the Hi-MD" disk as the media. You can adopt USB for interface, besides the fact that it can supply from the personal computer which is connected with "USB bus power" correspondence, because the special lighting software is not needed when recording the data, carrying easily anywhere, you can utilize power source conveniently.
Furthermore, the silver and the lead-lead, you prepare 4 colors of black and the green in substance color of the knitting machine, adjust to the taste and can select favorite ones.

- ' DS-HMD1 ' main merit

1. MD whose reliability is high (the minidisk) with it corresponds to "the Hi-MD" disk
To be wide MD which has spread (the minidisk *) withrecord capacity can record the data to "the Hi-MD" disk of 1GB in one for music. MD (the minidisk) and the "Hi-MD disk", the data and the like of the personal computer 100 ten thousand time it can record & can retain.
In addition, because it has entered into the cartridge, it is the media where the reliability which is resistant to also the scar of the surface, is difficult to receive also the influence of light is high.
It is optimum to the picture of the memory which takes with the digital still camera and the file archive of the important personal computer.
* In case of 80 minutes MD, as for record capacity when doing "the Hi-MD" format, 305MB

2. Adopting USB connection to connection with the personal computer,
USB was adopted for interface.
Furthermore because it is supplied from the personal computer which is connected, the AC adapter and the dry cell battery it is not with ' DS-HMD1 ' you can utilize power source with "USB bus power" correspondence.

3. The lighting software it does not need, makes easymakes easy the data record possibility
The private lighting software it does not need, with the drug & drop, easily record retention of the data is possible.

4. Compilation of music data
Music management software "SonicStage Ver3.1" it has belonged. If "SonicStage Ver3.1" is used, the music data "Hi-MD" disk and MD (the minidisk), it is possible to transfer with simple operation.
The music data when transferring "linear PCM" of Hi-MD AUDIO "standard" "ATRAC3plus" "ATRAC3" "MP3*" with, from standard mode and MDLP mode of usual MD standard, can select file format.
As for the music disk which it drew up, "Hi-MD AUDIO" corresponding equipment, or MD (the minidisk) playback is possible with the corresponding equipment.
* Playback "of the MP3" file is possible in only the corresponding type.

* "Hi-MD":

It is the next generation format which evolved the current minidisk into the general-purpose record media.
Be able to use the minidisk for current sound recording that way as a record media, in "Hi-MD" large increasing capacity of approximately 2 times is actualized by the fact that the format it does.
In addition with "Hi-MD" format exclusive use, compared to it introduced also the 1GB "Hi-MD" disk of bulk.
From affinity of the personal computer can improve as a general-purpose record media, can retain also the data of the document and the graphics file etc..

* "Hi-MD" disk for record (1GB) ' HMD1G ' (previous sale and open price)
< Main merit >
It is the general-purpose record media where actualized the record of 1GB in MD size and with "the Hi-MD" standard private disk not only music can retain the data file on the personal computer such as text file and graphics file.

- ' DS-HMD1 ' main specification

' DS-HMD1 '
Data transfer rate
Maximum 9.83Mbps (at the time of 1GB "Hi-MD" disk entry)
Maximum 4.37Mbps ("the Hi-MD" format at the time of 60/74/80 minute disk entry which is done)
Corresponding disk
Hi-MD and MD
Entry system Magnetic field irregularity overwrite system
Reading system
Non contact optical system you grasp, (semiconductor laser use)
Power source
USB bus power (VBUS: 5V)
Music transfer
SonicStage use
External size
(W) 86.0× (H) 22.9× (D) 79.3 [ mm ] * projection not being included
Base machine mass
Approximately 100g
USB cable application software "SonicStage Ver3.1" (CD-ROM) porch handling instruction manual guarantee other things
Correspondence OS
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Home Edition
Windows 2000 Professional (Service Pack 3 or more)
Windows Millennium Edition
Personal computer of Windows 98 Second Edition Japanese standard installation

Market presumption price: Approximately portable Hi-MD drive ' DS-HMD1 ' 15,000 Yen
* As for "market presumption price", it is something where this corporation presumes the selling price in the market concerning the product before the selling.
Furthermore, actual selling price of the product is decided depending upon each store.

* Ahead inquiring from customer:
The SONY marketing (Inc.) customer consultation center TEL  0570-00-3311 (Nabi dial)
03-5448-3311 (in case of portable telephone PHS)
* The SONY drive URLhttp: //
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