Hi-MD corresponding MD deck MD-133 (S) new 
talent, beautiful record re-.

Audio playback of astonishment makes also that new quality is pulled out possible.
The sound source of the CD disk can be retained in one one Takasina rank
Pure audio storage "Hi-MD" loading of the next generation
Worldwide beginning *, Hi-MD corresponding deferred type single item MD deck.
* 2004 December presently, the deferred type single item MD deck, オンキヨー investigation.

Item turn MD-133 (S)
Item name Hi-MD corresponding MD deck
Sale day March 9th sale schedule
Schedule desired retail price ¥63,000 (tax removal ¥60,000)


* The Takasina rank format "Hi-MD" which furthermore evolved MD to the deferred type single item MD deck the worldwide beginning&loading
The new format "Hi-MD" which furthermore evolved former MD is included, it corresponds to the MD standards for all music. The size of compact MD actualized large increasing capacity that way, improved the quality which is required from music playback such as sound quality and long haul sound recording when recording rapidly, it is the epoch-making sound recording format. In addition, "Hi-MD" not only the disk for the record of 1GB, the to format converting also the former MD disk to Hi-MD in sound recording of Hi-MD mode, you can use. Of course, using the former MD disk, MDLP (LP2/LP4/MONO) and the like it can also record with former MD mode.* 2004 December presently, the deferred type single item MD deck, オンキヨー investigation.
- Hi-MD mode sound recording time (chart 1)
  Sound recording time
80 minutes
MD disk
1 GB
Hi-MD disk
Sound recording mode PCM Approximately 28 minutes Approximately 1 hour 34 minutes
Hi-SP Approximately 2 hour 20 minutes Approximately 7 hour 55 minutes
Hi-LP Approximately 10 hour 10 minutes Approximately 34 hours
- MD mode sound recording time (chart 2)
  Sound recording time
80 minutes
MD disk
Sound recording mode SP Approximately 80 minutes
LP 2 Approximately 2 hour 40 minutes (approximately 160 minutes)
LP 4 Approximately 5 hour 20 minutes (approximately 320 minutes)
MONO Approximately 2 hour 40 minutes (approximately 160 minutes)
- MD-133 MD and Hi-MD sound recording playback corresponding chart (chart 3)
  Sound recording mode
MD mode Hi-MD mode
Use disk MD disk 0 0 0 0 0
Hi-MD disk - - - 0 0
Using the Hi-MD disk of 0 1GB, you cannot record MD mode. The Hi-MD disk is the Hi-MD mode sound recording private disk.
It is not possible to exist together the sound recording of Hi-MD mode and MD mode to 0 1 disks.
- You can record with good sound. Linear PCM sound recording correspondence
It was not in former MD sound recording, it corresponds to linear PCM sound recording. Because without compressing the sound source you can record linear PCM, Takasina rank you can enjoy music playback without impairing the sound quality of CD.
- The sound which it is possible to compress. High Speed ATRAC DSP & 24bit processing loading
The transaction of operation ability such as AUDIO sound recording mode "Hi-SP/Hi-LP" to be superior in all modes of Hi-MD and MDLP is shown loading "High Speed ATRAC DSP". In addition D/A & the A/D converter, everything of digital signal processing such as ATRAC is done at the highest precision of 24bit, "24bit processing" is adopted, the preponderant quality of Hi-MD is actualized with sound recording playback total.
- Bulk. Longest approximately 34 hours*long haul sound recording of 1 is possible
If you use the bulk Hi-MD disk of 1GB, longest approximately 34 hours (* 1) long haul sound recording possible (chart 1 reference). Bulk sound recording of approximately 6 times is actualized in comparison with former MD. In addition, also it is possible the to Hi-MD format to convert the former MD disk with the high density record technology of Hi-MD. Former ratio approximately 2 times (* 2 long haul sound recording of) longest approximately 10 hours was actualized.
* At the time of 1:1GB Hi-MD disk use * 2:LP4 mode, comparing approximately 320 minutes to standard at the time of 80 minute disk use.

(Rating) - type: Minidisk digital audio system - sound recording system: Magnetic field irregularity overwrite system - playback system: Non contact optical system - sampling frequency: 44.1kHz - Total height harmonic wave distortion factor: 0.005% (1kHz) - sound recording playback time: Longest approximately 34 hours (at the time of Hi-MD disk use Hi-LP mode use) - frequency characteristic: 10Hz - 20kHz/±0.5dB - Signal-noise ratio: 100dB - Wow flutter: Below measurement limit - electric power consumption: 13W (electric supplies safety method technical standard) - size: 275W×78H×309Dmm - Mass: 3.8kg - Input: Analog 1 digital 2 (light) - output: Analog 1 * remote control, audio RCA pin cable (1.0m×2), optical digital cable (0.5m), RI cable (0.6m) attachment. * It enjoys as the individual other than such that, with respect to the Copyright Act, you cannot use for the proprietor any which you record, with no permission. Furthermore, the private sound recording compensation is included in the price of the digital sound recording equipment, by the rule of the Copyright Act. (Ahead inquiring: (Corporation) Private sound recording compensating metal pipe reason association TEL: 3-5353-0336 FAX: 03-5353-0337 * Hi-MD, ATRAC, ATRAC3 and ATRAC3plus are registered trade mark of the SONY corporation. * As for appearance ・ rated specification for efficiency improvement there are times when it modifies without notice. * There are times when the color tone of the publication product differs from the real thing depending upon the condition of photographing printing. * VLSC and IMAGINATIVE SIGHT&SOUND are registered trade mark of the オンキヨー corporation.