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< January 28th >
[ Weekly publication ] device Viking

ケンウッド, 16.5mm thick MP3/WMA player

The 2GB HDD on-board MPEG-4 video camera of NHJ and actual sale 59,800 Yen

SONY, CD walkman which moves with gum type charge pond 1

With NHJ and 256MB MP3/WMA player of 9,980 Yen

2 kinds of new version of sonic and DVD authoring software

Adding TEX, reducing audio player "mpio"

Open gate, the image contents for PSP second feature

Developing the Toppan Printing Co, Ltd. and the full HD corresponding new FC screen for the rear professional

The general affairs ministry, executing the fact-finding regarding contents production/circulation

Information of renewal "DVD sale day summary" January 27th

< January 27th >
SONY, 2004 3rd quarter balancing of accounts. As for PSP 51 ten thousand unit shipments

オンキヨー, "INTEC 275" full model change

Announcing the mid-term strategy such as スカパー and STB rental

Venn queue/cue, SD card corresponding 512MB MP3/WMA player

Selling the toilet which corresponds to TOTO and MP3 playback

Rio, reducing flash memory player "SU"

オリコン and pay music transmission service start on February 8th

The Bandai visual, "ストラトス four" new series

Casio, small-sized DLP data projector 3 type

Starting the charge transmission of OnGen and the music clip

Up-to-date firmware of pioneer and DVD drive "DVR-A09"

Angle of visibility of フジフイルム and the liquid crystal is expanded production reinforcement of the "W film"

Information of renewal "DVD sale day summary" January 26th

< January 26th >
Small temple trust well weekly publication Electric Zooma!

Vertex, large-sized liquid crystal on-board MP3/WMA/OGG player

The live door, selling "the sonata Plus of DVD winter"

ピクセラ and remote control operational テレビキャプチャカード

Standardization commission of the hologram optical disk establishes

16 time fast DVD±R/RW drive of lynx and actual sale 7,980 Yen

Eye o and analog input/output on-board USB audio

SPE, praying the large hit "of biohazard II" DVD

Paramount Motion Pictures, reselling DVD100 title for each 1,575 Yen

JEITA, announcing December electronic equipment domestic shipment. PDP past highest

JEITA, announcing the terrestrial digital corresponding equipment shipment result of December

The eye river, updating 1 inch HDD player "H10"

In DVD benefit of マーベラス and animation "Jipang" trouble

Information of renewal "DVD sale day summary" January 25th

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オンキヨー, "INTEC 275" full model change
- Worldwide first Hi-MD deck and radio wave clock corresponding tuner etc.

March 9th sale

Standard price: 31,500 - 126,000

Ahead communicating: Customer center

As for オンキヨーcorporation, high compound series "INTEC 275" full model change. The new model total 5 type which includes the MD deck and the like which corresponds to Hi-MD is sold on March 9th. Type turn of each component, price is as in chart below.

Type Item turn Price
Pre- main amplifier A-933 (S) 84,000 Yen
CD player C-733 (S) 63,000 Yen
Speaker D-302E 126,000 Yen
(2 units 1 set)
Hi-MD corresponding MD deck MD-133 (S) 63,000 Yen
FM/AM tuner T-433 (S) 31,500 Yen
Full-set price - 367,500 Yen

* Hi-MD corresponding MD deck


With the former MD disk the record of 1GB is possible with 300MB and the private media, to the MD deck which corresponds "Hi-MD" standard. However, the USB terminal does not have, there is no cooperation function of PC. The Hi-MD corresponding equipment so far the portable equipment was the center, but as for MD-133 the world the corresponding MD deck of the deferred type which becomes first.

In the MD disk of former 80 parts, with Hi-LP mode approximately 10 hour 10 minutes, sound recording of approximately 2 hour 20 parts is possible with Hi-SP. Besides the fact that it supports also MDLP and the like same as the usual MD deck, it corresponds to also the sound recording of linear PCM type. From you say that treble quality it can enjoy sound recording. Furthermore, if the Hi-MD media of 1GB is utilized, with Hi-LP mode approximately 34 hours, with Hi-SP also long haul sound recording of approximately 7 hour 55 parts becomes possible.

You say that the information processing ability to be superior the various sound recording mode times is shown loading "High Speed ATRAC DSP". Furthermore, to 24bit converting, digital processing such as D/A, A/D conversion and compression to the ATRAC format entirely, it does, you adopt also "24bit processing".

The individual analog corrugated formation technology "VLSC where the same company is advancing loading to the AV amplifier and the like (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry)" loading the circuit to in addition to. In order to form the analog ripple mark which is not included, influence of digital noise is not received, it is pulse characteristic noise that potential of the source can be pulled out to the maximum.

Besides the fact that the sampling rate converter is built in, digital sound recording level is set corresponds to also "DLA Link" automatically amplifier "A-933" of the same series and, combining with CD player "C-733". Also the system control remote control which can operate also A-933 belongs.

As for input analog sound 1 system, optical digital 2 systematic preparations. Output 1 system has analog sound. As for external size 275×309×78mm (width × depth × height). As for weight 3.8kg.

* Digital pre- main amplifier


As for A-933, rated output 80W×2ch (8 Ω time) digital pre- main amplifier. PWM (pulse duration modulation) adopting system for A/D conversion. Loading the individual integral calculus type modulation circuit "VL Digital" in order from to operate the same system ideally. The error which originates in spike noise was removed, you say that accurate pulse duration modulation was actualized. Furthermore, the inverted Darlington circuit that is loaded it cancels amplifying element specific nonlinear characteristic in the front step of VL Digital.

Adopting the discrete driver to the driver step. You say that acceleration of several times was actualized in comparison with the driver circuit by IC tip/chip.

In power source section toroidal trance of bulk 2, the one for + side - on one for side arrangement. Reduction of dynamic source impedance is assured, you say that the power source supply whose stability is high is made possible to the digital amplifier circuit. In addition, adopting the copperplate for the gland line which ties the small ringing circuit with the electrolytic condenser. Both the signal line and the gland line adopting the copper bus plate for also route to immediately before the speaker terminal from the output step. You say that the timbre where the core is thick was actualized.

Adopting the 1.6mm thick steel sheet to the frame. To administer the gold-plating to the speaker terminal, the cable to of core diameter 4mm connected possibility. It corresponds to also the connection of the banana plug. As for input terminal analog 7 systems, as for output terminal analog 4 systematic equipment. Also MAIN IN input has, it is possible also to utilize only the power amplifier section. As for external size 275×328×103mm (width × depth × height), as for weight 7.5kg.

* CD player


C-733, same as MD-133 of the MD deck, loading the individual analog corrugated formation technical VLSC circuit. Influence of digital noise is decreased, you say that potential of the source can be pulled out to the maximum. It supports the playback of music CD and CD-R, but the playback function of MP3/WMA does not have.

Adopting 192kHz/24bit DAC of シーラス logic make. Furthermore, the quartz oscillator loading "the super precision which had the precision of ±1.5ppm at normal temperature as a clock circuit, clock" circuit. Fluctuation with the time base is removed, improvement of descriptive power is assured.

The downstream coil of power transformer, audio type + side/- side, the for display tube, by the fact that it becomes independent for mechanic drive and with the one for micro-computer, individually, adopting the design where the noise which occurs from each circuit does not exert influence on the audio circuit to the power circuit. The voltage stabilizer which becomes independent you used even in each circuit which forms the audio circuit multiple regulator system is adopted, you say that mutual interference of the circuit is prevented.

As for playback frequency characteristic 5Hz - 20kHz. As for signal-noise ratio 105dB. As for dynamic range 96dB. As an output terminal, optical digital 2 systems, analog sound 1 system is had. Furthermore, digital output used the high purity cable in inside, adopting "direct digital pass" system. The gold-plating is administered to the RCA terminal of analog output. As for external size 275×304×103mm (width × depth × height). As for weight 4.5kg.

* FM/AM tuner of radio wave clock built-in


As for T-433 the FM stereo and the tuner which corresponds to the reception of AM monaural. Largest feature had beginning in the world as a deferred type tuner, automatic time setting function ACCUCLOCK of the radio wave clock (アキƒ…クロック). You say that it receives the time information of standard frequency broadcast, besides the fact that it is not necessary to do the time setting, always it can do accurate timer operation.

Program timer of sound recording and playback - 4 systematic available. When it combines with A-933 and MD-133 of the same series, as for day of the week appointment the 1st or the plural days of the week which are continued setting possibility. It can utilize also the sleep timer function of maximum of 90 parts.

As for reception range FM 76 - 108MHz. As for reception sensitivity 17.2dBf (STEREO) /11.2dBf (MONO). AM 522 - 1629kHz. As for practical speed 30 μ V. Output with analog, has administered gold-plating processing to the terminal. As for external size 275×309×78mm (width × depth × height). As for mass 3kg. The FM indoor antenna and the AM indoor antenna, radio wave clock unit and the cord/code etc. for radio wave clock unit connection bundled are done.

* Speaker


As for D-302E, bus reflex type bookshelf speaker of 2 ways. OFM (Onkyo Micro Fiber) PEN (polyethylene naphtha rate) individual A-OMF which adjusts the woven cloth of the fiber was improved, adopting "the New A-OMF" diaphragm. We have become center cap one somatotype, actualizing the rigidity of approximately 3.5 times that former A-OMF. Toughness than light weight conversion, in the design that, 3 layer system of the PEN fiber and the canvas and the aramide fiber is adopted you aimed toward suppleness.

With 16cm diameter, adopting the woofer the large-sized voice coil of 65mm diameter. In addition, the ferrite magnet, diameter 140mm and weight 1,090g is used to the magnet. Using the aluminum die-cast of even thick 6mm to the frame which supports the diaphragm. You say that also the edge improved response efficiency, adopted the new form whose reflected sound is little.

Adopting the diaphragm of the ring condition which locks the peripheral section and the inside perimeter section to the tweeter. In the dome type tweeter which drives the peripheral section of the diaphragm the division vibration for high pass playback occurred in the center, but you say that the drive point by the fact that you place in the waypoint of the inside perimeter section and the peripheral section of the diaphragm, the high pass playback to 100kHz was actualized with drive of piston motion.

In addition, installing the cap of shell type as a protection and an equalizer of the tweeter diaphragm. Arranging the spherical form which uses the 4mm thick ABS resin in the back chamber of the tweeter. Occurrence of the standing wave is prevented.

Adopting the bus reflex port, the individual slit duct. As for the enclosure using MDF of the real wood finish. In the network circuit, in order to prevent the interference of the signal for the woofer and the tweeter, adopting the iso rate mount system which separates the respective circuit. The brass it starts shaving the speaker terminal, the gold plated screw type terminal adopting. You can connect also the banana plug.

As for rated impedance 4 Ω. As for playback frequency characteristic 34Hz - 100kHz. As for crossover frequency 2kHz. As for external size 210×363×347mm (width × depth × height), as for weight 10.8kg. The cork spacer and the like bundled is done.

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