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Hi-MD PHOTO reforms the world of MD?
MD walkman of digital camera built-in
Sale day: March 10th
Standard price: Open price
Actual sale price: 52,800 Yen

* MD walkman which corresponds to Hi-MD PHOTO

It has the capacity of 1GB, the first generation Hi-MD was announced January 2004. As for sale at 2004 July, Hi-MD walkman "MZ-NH1/NH3D/EH1" and "LAM-X1" of the MD compound etc. were lined up.

Like MDLP and NetMD, that it was thought whether also following of the manufacturer other than SONY is quick, but after that adoptionwith ミニコンポ and the likeof オンキヨー has not spread although it was, in order to think, probably is present condition. It includes SONY, each company also MD compared to it has started stressing to HDD and the flash memory player, but and the restraint of MD is pointed out in the investigation etc. of JEITA, age of MD sufferings you can say. Among such, the fact that SONY lectures anew is "Hi-MD PHOTO" of new standard.

Hi-MD PHOTO, with standard in order record/to manage the picture of the digital camera, has adopted for the Hi-MD media with many digital cameras, although adopting "DCF/Exif", it stipulated the sum nail cash file, made the picture management on MD possible. What it is announced simultaneously with the Hi-MD PHOTO standard is, Hi-MD walkman "MZ-DH10P" of digital camera functional loading which this time is picked up.

With MZ-DH10P, 1.5 type color liquid crystal of the 200×200 dot and the digital camera function due to effective 130 ten thousand pixels CMOS loading. Photographing and jacket photograph indication of the photograph and the jacket register etc. of the photographing picture have become possible.

In addition, with Hi-MD of former MD and 1GB capacity only ATRAC3/ATRAC3plus supports, with "MZ-DH10", those where it corresponds to the playback of MP3 anew is the big modification point as an audio codec.

As for price at actual sale price 52,800 Yen. If 20GB HDD player "NW-HD3" of the same company approximately 35,000 Yen thinks of that you say with actual sale, considerably it is expensive, but there is also an addition function such as the digital camera function which is not the other player. As expected value of price amount certain? And, Hi-MD PHOTO, pulling, as for Hi-MD succeeding? It tried testing promptly.

* Loading the color liquid crystal onto the substance

Bundled item

Then you will try looking at the specification of substance. As for accessory ear phone and remote control and cradle, AC adapter and private USB connector cable etc..

As for external size of the substance 83.6×21.4×81.1mm (width × thickness × height), as for weight approximately 155g (charge pond 10g is included). Depending upon the built-in of camera function, besides the fact that considerably there is a thickness, when you compare also weight with the other MD player, it is heavy.

Equipping 1.5 type color liquid crystal displays of the 200×200 dot on the front. It does the operation of the substance combining the wheel of liquid crystal lower part/the controller and four buttons on the stick. With opening and closing the lens barrier the rear, change of audio mode/photo mode is done. In the camera section generally known "by your and" also the mirror of business has, the shutter button for the camera and equips the record/playback change button on top.

Loading the volume controller to the right side surface. The electric battery being the thin-shaped lithium ion battery, has become interchangeable.

Equipping 1.5 type liquid crystal and ジョグホイール for control in the substance front Loading camera function. Audio/photo mode is changed with opening and closing the lens barrier
The shutter button is equipped on top Hold, it has the volume button for the right side surface Head phone output is had on the left side
Equipping the private terminal for the charge terminal and PC connection in the base As for electric battery with thin-shaped lithium ion charge pond "LIP-4WM", as for capacity 370mAh
Cradle installing example The comparison with iPod

* The audio player function which utilizes the charm of MD

First it will try utilizing as the audio player. As for corresponding codec ATRAC3/ATRAC3plus and MP3 and WAV. As for the corresponding bit rate of MP3 32kbps - 320kbps. Besides the fact that treble quality conversion with Hi-MD mode was assured with the HD digital amplifier, "DSP Type-S for ATRAC/ATRAC3" is loaded, you say that the sound quality has been improved even with MDLP mode. Furthermore, it corresponds to the USB transfer from PC, but sound recording function does not prepare for the substance.

Transfer compilation

SonicStage 3.0. It corresponded to the management of MP3/transfer

"The SonicStage" empty of the attachment software it does the transfer of the audio data. With SonicStage 3.0 of up-to-date version management of the MP3 data/transfer was supported, MP3 became available even with Hi-MD. Until recently e.g., also the number list which is the name, "my selection album" is modified by the "play list", reaches the point where it can read the play list of m3u which is utilized with the other audio player, big update is assured.

Furthermore, with SonicStage the management of MP3/transfer is possible, but リッピング becomes only ATRAC3. It is necessary to include also MP3 and as for the music file which was transferred to Hi-MD, copying in the other personal computer, not to be possible, to play back, transfer of the MP3 file for copyright protection to do with SonicStage.

Also the register of the jacket is possible It loads also play list compilation function The writing resetting of the audio data which was drawn up with other PC is not possible

The audio data which it transferred is encoded, writes on PC and resets and it is not playback

Transfer time at time of the MP3 data transfer of 282.2MB 6 minute 31 seconds (approximately 5.79Mbps). When the Hi-MD equipment of MZ-DH10P and the like does not support USB 2.0, whether the fact that it becomes USB 1.1, restriction with respect to speed of the or Hi-MD media itself where this becomes the bottleneck is not certain, but compares with the recent audio player product, it enters into rather slow category.

As for the data format of Hi-MD because of FAT, at the time of music transfer in addition to as a data storage you can use, but when USB 1.1 is, it does not become matter of concern which as expected transfers the big file. Though because media unit cost 1 700 Yen strongly is cheap with the Hi-MD media of 1GB, if one time audio data is transferred, probably there are no either times when almost it replaces. You can say that in the point that there is the merit of MD, it can be made the favorite disk in every genre and the play list.

In addition, when it is before the SonicStage 2.3, the transfer restriction, check-in up to 3 times/out concerning the audio data of ATRAC3/ATRAC3plus which リッピング is done, being provided, because the て it is, it could not write out with ease in the disk. But, with SonicStage 3.0 by the fact that the necessity to think of the frequency of transfer with MP3 correspondence and transfer dismantling of control, is gone, the case where the mass disk is drawn up you probably can say that very it became easy to handle.

Operation compilation

Operation is done with the wheel/the stick controller and the button around under the liquid crystal

With MZ-DH10P, in order to do the change of audio mode and photo mode in the lens barrier section of the substance, at the time of music playback to close the lens barrier necessary it is. The stick of liquid crystal lower part/it does the operation with the substance, with the controller of wheel mounted.

As for search mode of the album/play list, mode and the jacket photograph indicatory mode which indicate album name in triplex rows are prepared. Search mode from search and tune name every of artist does not have. It is recognized the play list as the album and one album of same rank.

As for fundamental maneuver making use of the wheel central stick, playback/halt and tune you send and/and so on reset and you can do fundamental maneuver. Sending the album/resetting can do with the search mode of triplex row indications, with the top and bottom of the stick.

The search method of "MZ-DH10P" of color liquid crystal loading only probably is jacket photograph search. Because sum nail indication 12 of jackets is possible by the fact that the Search button with respect to the stick wheel right is pushed, also search characteristic is superior. Selection of the album does with left and right revolution of the wheel, becomes decision by the fact that the stick is pushed in. As for the response when indicating and search the sum nail being satisfactory, as for stress you do not make feel almost.

Search picture in triplex rows Jacket search picture Playback picture

In addition, [ DISPLAY/SLIDE SHOW ] under the wheel left by the fact that length you push the button, sliding show indication of the digital camera picture which was photographed with the substance is possible. While inquiring about music, it can do also sliding show viewing. As for sliding show, from first shuffle playback of the data which was photographed is prepared.

Liquid crystal remote control of 1 line indication. It corresponds to Japanese indication

As for remote control, stick type of 1 line indication which is similar to the former same company product. Fundamental maneuver such as playback/halt and skip/back is done with ジョグレバー of liquid crystal lower part, the stop switch has for the lever left. The folder +/- it equips the button in the right side of the lever, can do album movement.

In addition, indication change of the HOLD button and tune name and playback time etc. is done in the surface, [ DISPLAY ] the button, playback mode such as shuffle/repeat is changed, [ P MODE ] button and バーチャルサラウンド etc. can be selected [ SOUND ] have the button. Substance operation is easy to use, but almost it can do basic operation even with remote control.

Sound quality compilation

Head phone of attachment

The ear phone of attachment is thought the same as the former player "of NW-HD3" and so on mono with almost, appearance is quick cheap and, sound quality very satisfactory. Besides the fact that the installing impression is イマイチ, using that way, particularly, as for dissatisfaction you feel that it is not.

Modifying the head phone, trying hearing, in the same tendency as the HDD audio product of the same company make, height of the amount of information of medium high pass is attractive basically. It can utilize with any source the そ without. Concerning sound quality setting, heavy/the pop/jazz/it can equip the pre-setting equalizer of unique, and the like and the custom EQ of 6 bands can retain two custom setting. It had belonged to the HDD audio product, "バーチャルサラウンド" function and the like does not have.

Battery drive time at catalog value, approximately 14 hours (Hi-LP/ATRAC3plus 64kbps)/approximately 13 hours (MP3 128kbps). Drive of 10 hours or more was possible even with the continual playback which centers MP3. However, when photo mode is utilized, because the battery decreases quickly, utilization as an audio player when going out is centered, if is, while paying attention to the battery remaining amount, the method which utilizes camera function probably will be better.

The connection with PC is prepared the cradle and the private USB cable of charge correspondence. It does not correspond to USB charge.

* Camera function utilizes with use limitation such as jacket photographing

With MZ-DH10P digital camera function was loaded, still picture record to the Hi-MD media was made possible. Because of that, this time Hi-MD PHOTO standard is decided anew in the one for picture record with Hi-MD.

Connected copying setting and exposure revision etc. are possible in the MENU picture

With standard in order to record the picture of the digital camera to MD of the Hi-MD format, you adopt "Hi-MD PHOTO", with many digital cameras, although adopting "DCF/Exif", it stipulates the sum nail cash file. Because of that, you say that acceleration and the like of sum nail indication such as picture summary is assured.

Making use of the CMOS camera of 130 ten thousand pixels which change to photo mode by the fact that the lens barrier is opened, load onto the substance photographing is possible. Furthermore, during music playing back it is not possible to utilize camera function.

From audio mode in when changing to photo mode, about 7 - 8 seconds it is made wait to in starting, indicates the idea contest at that time "Hi-MD PHOTO". It is the impression that it is made wait rather, but if one time photo mode is started, closing the lens barrier, it starts the next within 1 second.

The lens with the single focus of 35mm conversion 36mm, has the digital zoom to 4 times. While the shutter button to have on substance top, live view do in the liquid crystal picture if the shutter is pushed, photographing is possible. In live view it does digital zoom with revolution of the wheel.

While looking at liquid crystal indication, photographing. Usual 4:3 photographing 1:1 photographing modes for jacket photographing As for digital zoom to 4 times

After the photographing the waiting of record to MD approximately 6 seconds occurs

Preparing picture quality 1.3M fine/standard, VGA fine/standard. When photographing when the stick is pushed down on the left, to become jacket photographing mode, not to be usual 4:3 aspect ratios, photographing with 1:1 square aspects is possible. In addition, pushing down the stick on, the flash (LED) with ON/OFF and under timer photographing, it can select ON/OFF of macro mode with the right. The function which it can choose is simple, if, but the DISPLAY button under the wheel is pushed, because the functional guide is indicated on the liquid crystal, it can utilize probably is without especially being confused.

As for camera functional problem, waiting when photographing. After pushing the shutter, [ the letter of DATA SAVE ] appearing, the record to MD starts, but this record time is very long. It is not possible in approximately 6 seconds, at that time to push the shutter with survey, to do other operation. As a present digital camera, it is record waiting of the level which cannot be admitted as expected.

It can do sum nail indication

Be able to verify the data which it photographed in the sum nail indication 9, jacket search at the time of the audio player it selects in the same way with the wheel, it becomes decision operation by the fact that the stick is pushed in. Sum nail cash is made because, the response is satisfactory. In addition, also enlargement indication to 4 times is possible with the revolution of the wheel.

However, with this decision operation the picture appears instantaneously, but with the seasoning that, about approximately 3 seconds it is required to for verification with total cash file whose resolution is low can be output the first drawing time, finally can verify the original picture with redrawing after approximately 2 seconds. Because the picture where extent and focusing that "and, the fuzziness photograph was taken", are not decided appears the 1st drawing time, until it is accustomed, you were surprised to degree of that one by one.

Concerning picture quality, it does not reach to either the digital camera of most inexpensive class partly due to resolution low. When if anything the impression which is close to the camera function of the portable telephone.

Especially, because, exposure appears in most over eyes when photographing with the outside, perhaps the one which minus is revised beforehand somewhat is good.

Outside photographing
Indoor photographing

Though, at SONY, "photographing the jacket photograph, as the register" as use of main considered the thing which it does, with method of using such as that it is sufficient picture quality, ジ ャ of square aspect also copying function and the like is attractive.

However, a little there is a problem even in jacket register function. In other words with audio mode from MENU it can do the register of the jacket photograph with jacket setting, but when this is done during music playing back, playback is stopped. In addition, not being able to reflect the occasion which the jacket data which is registered with the substance, wrote on SonicStage and reset the regrettable place.

As for another point of caution, consumption of the battery is extreme at the time of photo mode utilization. While building in optical magnetic drive, as for battery capacity 30 just photographs even with full charge 370mAh partly due to a little thing, the battery indicator becomes half or less. Normally, as the digital camera it will be harsh even from viewpoint of the battery to utilize, to the last as addition function of the MD player it probably will be good to utilize.

* It is the unique product, but as for degree of completion of the camera イマイチ

We have been complete functionally, unique of interface such that it can allot to the revolution of the wheel summary characteristic height and digital zoom of jacket indication charm. If it is the maniac, "using, you probably can say that it is the pleasant" product.

It loads the color liquid crystal, as the MD player who had the function of jacket photograph indication and フォトビƒ…ーワ etc. it makes good. However, perhaps you adopted Hi-MD as the record media, but it probably is restriction of reason, but as just a little a current digital camera you cannot admit the trick of the shutter response. In addition, when you think also thickness and the increase etc. of weight with the built-in of the camera, the one where the honest camera has not been attached, as for degree of completion as a MD player becomes high.

With say, when developing the new standard, Hi-MD PHOTO as for camera built-in, it is certain to be the feature which cannot be removed. Increases you could verify that charm with the color liquid crystal and the adoption of Hi-MD PHOTO, as a player. In the base to somewhere we would like to observe this to the SONY ability 訴 seeking it is possible the charm only of MD whether, and whether it can keep expanding the world of MD including the partner.

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(2005 March 25th)

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