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1. MD headphone player of thin size by which circle (circle) design is adopted
The accent was installed by the coloring to consider "Candy" in both sides of the main body (top panel and back (*kyabi*)) and the charge stands, and circle (circle) design was adopted for of each.
A round pattern of a top panel was (*kirakira*)ed and shone, and was made a decoration panel by the mixture and the hologram processing of the glass flakes according to the seen angle.
The color variation of four colors of the blue pink orange white which was able to be chosen to be a favor additionally was prepared.
A top panel made of aluminum was adopted, and a thin size of 14.6mm was achieved.

2. The +/- power supply audio circuit which sticks to the quality of the sound is adopted.
To stabilize the power supply which was basic of the amplifier circuit high pitched sound quality making, "+/- the power supply audio circuit" installed in the component etc. was adopted. The high pitched sound quality reproduction became possible by having abolished this though "Output capacitor" by which the frequency characteristic etc. were negatively affected was necessary in "Single power supply method" by which the power supply circuit was simplified.
X-BASS of a digital method can be adopted, only digital be enjoyed, and a heavy bass with power be enjoyed.

3. In using of the charge pond and one high capacity AA alkali dry battery, together, for about 155 hoursThe reproduction of - for a long time is achieved.
It is possible to reproduce for long time of about 155 hours by using together about the nickel hydrogen charge pond and 1 high capacity AA alkali dry battery. Moreover, the reproduction of about 95 hours was achieved for about 55 hours in one high capacity AA alkali dry battery on one charge pond (Both at the LP4 mode).

4. It is easy to see and is "Liquid crystal remote control. " with a comprehensible backing light
Liquid crystal remote control which grasped easily by a slim design and was easy to operate was adopted.
The key only for GROUP is adopted, and setting the group reproduction and the group which wants to reproduce can select it easily.
The display can be easily confirmed because the backing light addition even by a dark point.

5. "Charge stand" which can be easily charged by portable telephone sense
*** It was easily <charge stand of small size which was able to be charged> attached only by putting the main body in the portable telephone sense.
A fashionable charge stand in the main body color where the color was coordinated.

6. Only the tune of the favorite is installed and abundant reproduction functions such as "Favorite reproduction" that registration & can reproduce are installed.
Tunes of the favorite of each disk were specified up to ten, and "Favorite reproduction" function that the reproduction only of the tune was able to be enjoyed anytime was installed. It is possible to specify easily while reproducing the tune, and disks up to ten can be registered as "Favorite disk". An automatic reproduction of a favorite tune can be started only by inserting the disk.
The tune of the favorite can be quickly retrieved from the disk recorded for a long time in the LP mode by "Introduction reproduction" function to reproduce each tune automatically by about nine seconds. Moreover, a convenient reproduction random to reproduce, random to repeat, all tunes to reproduce the repetition one can be had to be enjoyed.

7. "MDLP Nabis" where LED shines according to kind of recording mode
In the blinking frequency of LED which shines in orange,; 再生中の曲がどの録音モードか一目で確認できます(SP/モノラル長時間モードで録音された曲では「1回点滅の連続」,LP2モードの曲では「2回点滅の連続」,LP4モードの曲では「4回点滅の連続」で点滅)。; Moreover, LED blinks by various patterns according to the content of the operation besides lighting when charging it, and the operation situation is produced fashionable.

8. "MDLP group mode" which each group can reproduce from one mini-disc
Each group can be quickly reproduced by selecting the group of the favor from the mini-disc recorded by "MDLP group mode" (The disk to which the group was set is used).

9. The (*wantatchiijekt*) mechanism with an easy disk change is installed.
Because the lid opens when the opening button is done in the slide and the disk comes out automatically, the disk change can be smoothly done.

10. Strength in vibration from the outside, and "音飛び(unknown word) guard memory" of about maximum 160 second (At the LP4 mode).
Music can be pleasantly enjoyed without doing sound 飛び for about the maximum 160 seconds at the LP4 mode even if intermitted vibration is received by installing of 16 Mbits DRAM.

Specification > of < MD-ST500

Name of articles MD headphone player
Shape name MD-ST500
-A (blue system) /- P (pink system) /- D (orange system) /- W (white system)
Form Mini-disc digital audio system
Reading method Non-contact optics reading method (semiconductor laser use)
Number of channels Stereo two channels/monaural (mode for a long time) one channel
Voice compression method ATRAC3/ATRAC(Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding)
Frequency characteristic 20〜20,000Hz(±3dB)
(*wau*) (*furattah*) *** As follows <measurement limit (±0.001%W.PEAK)>
Output terminal Headphone/remote control terminal using combinedly
Practical, maximum output 5mW+5mW(32Ω)
Power supply
DC1.2V: Attached nickel hydrogen charge pond (AD-N55BT)
DC1.5V: Attached dry battery case (AA on the market type alkali dry battery 1.5V×1)
DC1.5V: Optional car power supply adaptor (AD-CA55X)
(DC12V/24V minus earth car exclusive use)
(optional plug adaptor (AD-S55PA) using together)
DC5.0V: Attachment AC adaptor (100V AC,50/60Hz)
(attached charge stand using together)
Battery duration
Continuous use time Stereo LP2 stereo LP4 stereo
Attached charge pond (full charge) For about 31 hours For about 43 hours For about 55 hours
One (The charge pond is stored). high the capacity on the market AA type alkali dry battery For about 48 hours For about 70 hours For about 95 hours
One height capacity on the market AA type alkali dry battery + attached charge pond (full charge) For about 90 hours For about 120 hours For about 155 hours
Setting the display lamp : at “LIGHToff".
Setting the volume level : at “VOL15".
Charge time For about 3.5 hours (The charge stand is used)
Externals size 80.0 (depth)75.2 (width)×14.6 (height)× mm
Mass About 102g(The charge pond contains it) about 77g(Only the main body :).
Attached goods
- Liquid crystal remote control ×1
- Headphone ×1
- Nickel hydrogen charge pond ×1
(with in the case of charge pond)
- AC adaptor ×1
- AA dry battery case ×1
- Charge stand ×1
- (*kyaringukeis*) ×1
- Manual ×1
(with guarantee book)

Another goods for sale > for < MD-ST500

- Nickel hydrogen charge pond AD-N55BT Hope retail price 2,200 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
- AC adaptor AD-SS70AP Hope retail price 5,000 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
[ For world wide (100-240V) ]
- Car power supply adaptor AD-CA55X Hope retail price 3,800 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
(for 12V/24V car)
- [It] uses it by using together with plug adaptor AD-S55PA.
- Plug adaptor AD-S55PA Hope retail price 1,500 yen [It] is putting it on the market.
- [It] uses it by using together with car power supply adaptor AD-CA55X.
- Stereo headphone HP-MD70 Hope retail price 3,500 yen [It] is putting it on the market.

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