Using Rhapsody with NetMD

One common complaint about legal music sites is how difficult it is to transfer music to CD or other portable devices. EMusic makes it terribly easy by having everything in DRM-free MP3 format, easy to transfer to any portable device. But Emusic is the rare exception -- Rhapsody doesn't make it easy to transfer music. Some of their songs you can burn, some of them you can't -- but you're allowed to play all of them.

So, transfer them in real-time to MD, right? Yes, that's one option -- but there is another way. Using TotalRecorder, you can save the streams from Rhapsody as .WAV files to your hard drive at 4x speed, then transfer them to your NetMD recorder using your method of choice! TotalRecorder is especially useful, because it saves the streams directly, bypassing your soundcard.

Step one: load your playlist. Drag the album or songs you want to play to the playlist window in the Rhapsody client.

Step two: Set up TotalRecorder. Click on "Recording Source and Parameters" in Total Recorder and set it up as shown in the image below. Set it to 4x speed ("Max" will make it lock up) and the recording level to your liking -- I choose 95% just to stay safe.

Step three: Record it! Hit the record button and watch it record as fast as the Rhapsody client can stream it!

Step four: Transfer to NetMD. You can edit the .WAV file using the editor of your choice into individual tracks and transfer with OpenMG, RealOne, or M3U2SBurner, download a .CUE file from Cuesheet Heaven and mount the .WAV file as a virtual CD using Daemon-Tools and use SimpleBurner, or however you wish. You can also edit the .WAV file and turn it into MP3's, mount it using a .CUE sheet and Daemon-Tools and then use your favorite CD ripper to make MP3's from the virtual CD, etc.

Have fun! :) [email protected]