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Report announcement on February 15, 2001

Small articles such as remote controls and MD disks can be stored in the main body.

CD-MD portable system gRD-X3MD"

For - stereo mode (MDLP) of MD for a long time-

RD-X3MD-A (blue)

RD-X3MD-P (pink)

RD-X3MD-S (silver)

The photograph is CD-MD portable system gRD-X3MD" (The pet name:Clavia Kura beer).

*** Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. : with the MD radio-cassette as "Clavia (Kura beer)" series of the favorable comment.; CD-MD portable system gRD-X3MD" of (*kasettoresutaip*) which can store small articles such as remote controls and MD disks in the main body is put on the market.;

Name of articles
Type name
Pet name
Maker hope retail price (excluding tax)
Sale time
The number of monthly production
CD-MD portable system
RD-X3MD(¦) -A/-P/-S
41,000 yen
March 21
- RD-X3MD-A (blue), RD-X3MD-P (pink), and RD-X3MD-S (silver)

< feature >1 main . Because small articles such as the remote controls it is easy to lose and MD disks can be stored in "Music tray" with which [it] equipped on the main body of "Music tray" equipment where small articles such as remote controls and MD disks can be stored, and the postcard etc. are put, fashionable production can be enjoyed. Moreover, because a top cover by which the skeleton material is adopted has divided into the CD door and the small storage door, small articles can be put in and out while CD is reproducing. 2. MD achieved the stereo recording and the reproduction for a long time for a long time for 320 minutes at most for 160 minutes at most by the recording and the reproduction correspondence for 80-minute MD by length/four stereo twice MD for stereo recording and reproduction (MDLP) times in the LP4 mode in the LP2 mode. - The tune recorded in the LP2 mode or the LP4 mode cannot be reproduced excluding the player of the MDLP correspondence. 3. It is possible to record at half usual time to the recording to MD from MD edit function (1) twice enhance velocity recording function CD. Of course, the twice velocity can record also at the MDLP mode. - This machine cannot record the tune in which the twice velocity recording ends from the recording beginning again for 74 minutes because of the copyright protection. (2) It is possible to reproduce by quickly selecting the tune which wants to listen by inputting the title search function tune title. It is convenient for the retrieval when the number of recording tunes increases in the MDLP mode. - The number of input characters is up to five characters or less. When there are two or more tunes which correspond to the input character, [it] gives priority to one with a small figure of truck No. and [it] reproduces. (3) "Auto title" function 4 that the broadcasting station name is automatically input when recording to MD from the (5) tuner which can input the title while recording "MD title remote control" attachment (4) MD to which the character can be input by the same 10 key method as a portable telephone . The color of 16 color multicolor display backing light which can choose a favorite color can be selected from among 16 colors in total. Moreover, (*dimahmohd*) which decreases the illuminance of the display has adhered. 5. A compact button of size (2) of the body of 408mm in the width of the main body of all-in-one (1) ~170mm in height is suppressed to a necessary, most small limit, and a silver by which metallic steering wheel of cute round type fashionable operation (3) arranged only on the reception desk side is adopted, blue, pink three color color variation of three sources of CD/MD/the tuner.

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< plan intention > It is forecast that about 2,100,000 and 2001 fiscal year will smoothly expand to the number of the shipment of the radio-cassette equipped with MD in 2,500,000(our company forecast) and the future in 2000 fiscal year.; The composition ratio of (*kasettores*) (non-install) type is tending to the extension especially.; Then, to achieve the lineup enhancement of popular series "Clavia (Kura beer)" of CD-MD portable system, our company planned gRD-X3MD" of (*kasettoresutaip*). This machine takes the opinion of the OL layer from the girl high school student who is a main target, starts MDLP, and adds to the enhancement of a variegated MD edit function.; The upper surface of the main body was equipped with "Music tray" where small articles such as the remote controls it was easy to lose and MD disks to which [it] often listened were able to be stored, the improvement of convenience was aimed at, and [it] finished it up in simple operation & design by which the button was suppressed to the minimum.; Moreover, [it] corresponds to the diversification and personal a life by the color development which can be chosen according to the atmosphere of the room as our company gI'collection" model by which a fashionable life space is happily produced.

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< main specification >
Input terminal
AUX IN ((*sutereomini*))~1
Output terminal
Headphone output ((*sutereomini*))~1
Practical, maximum output
Power supply
AC100V 50/60Hz
Consumption electric power
2W at 26W standby at power supply insertion
The maximum and externals sizes (width) 408mm~(height)170mm~(depth)212mm
Mass 4.8kg

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