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Report announcement on October 1, 1999

Loveliness, and colorfulness and skeleton. *** Skeleton body of (*kyandiikarah*) fashionable portable MD player (*tiinz*) MD XM-PX3 pop

The photograph is portable MD player “XM-PX3".

*** Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. adopts the skeleton <three color pop> material of (*kyandikarah*) for each headphone the main body and remote control.; Portable MD player “XM-PX3" only for the reproduction which matches to a casual fashion is put on the market.;

Name of articles
Type name
Standard price (excluding tax)
Sale time
The number of monthly production
Portable MD player
28,000 yen
November 12
* XM-PX3-D (navel orange), XM-PX3-A (blueberry), and XM-PX3-Y (lemon yellow)

*** "Skeleton body" of (*kyandikarah*) with the skeleton body and half transparent polycarbonate resin <1.3 main < feature > color pop> is adopted. - Development design of fashion of three colors of navel orange, blueberry, and lemon yellow with which colorful miscellaneous goods sense overflows. 2. The skeleton material of the color by which remote control, the headphone, and colorful skeleton remote control and the headphone are matched to the main body is adopted. - A cute, casual fashion is improved by uniting the colors. 3. The music signal is actively controlled equipped with digital (actively clearness bus) A.C.BASS and DSP (digital signal processor) which achieves a clear heavy bass. A heavy bass reproduction that being possible to cut of no distortion is good and a clear high region reproduction are achieved regardless of the size of the volume. - "Train mode" for the sound leakage prevention is installed. 4. Equipped with excellent "音飛び(unknown word) guard memory for 40 seconds" in 振(unknown word) 5. Beep ON/OFF function of auto off power and remote control. 6.リピート演奏、ランダム演奏機能搭載。 7. About 18 hours continuous are reproduced on the nickel hydrogen charge pond of the attachment.

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< plan intention > The growth of 2,300,000 of 40% increase(our company forecast) the previous years and markets leads to the machine market only for portable MD reproduction in 99 fiscal year. The user layer begins to show the generation and infiltration of the high school student and the junior high school student in middle in one's teens, and the extension to the woman layer is seen at the same time regardless of the age. Our company felt rushing into at the time talked in the same field as "It was lovely" one such as accessories that portable MD is colorful and miscellaneous goods through the marketing activity which was able to be peeled off in these user layers. (*tiinzuyuuzah*) and the woman layer were developed against the background of these, and "Casual fashion" was developed in a main target and portable MD player “XM-PX3" who assumed "[It] carried about readily (To casual), and [it] also was shown as lovely small articles also by the friend" to be a concept to the key word was developed. This machine is achievement of the intention which is that it is possible to patronize it as "Fashionable small articles" with the remote control of the skeleton finished up by the same color as the main body which combines different materials of the skeleton and the aluminum plate and the main body and the headphone. "Energetic vitamin color" to which three colors (the navel orange and the blueberry and lemon yellow) are arranged is thought that [it] is directed without fail doing by the 多(unknown word) くの(unknown word) teen user. Our company proposes the happy commodity which was matched to the life preference of the user in the future.

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< main specification >
Form Mini-disc digital audio system
Signal reading method Non-contact optics
Sampling rate 44.1 kHz
Voice compression method ATRAC
Frequency characteristic 20〜20,000 Hz(±3 dB)
Output terminal Headphone (stereo mini-Jack)/remote control terminal using combinedly
Practical, maximum output 5 mW+5 mW(DC)
Power supply Chewing gum type nickel hydrogen charge pond (DC1.2 V)
Battery duration (continuous reproduction) Attached charge pond (full charge)
For about 18 hours
Charge time For about three hours
The maximum and externals sizes The interior 17.5×76.0× taking height width 80.5mm(The projection part does not contain it).
Mass About 74 g(The charge pond does not contain it).
Attached goods 1 and type nickel hydrogen charge pond ×1 and liquid crystal remote control × headphone × (*kyaringupohchi*) × one charger × 1 one chewing gum

< another goods for sale for XM-PX3 >
Name of articles
Type name
Standard price (excluding tax)
Sale time
Nickel hydrogen charge pond (chewing gum type)
2,200 yen
Sale already
Cassette adaptor
3,000 yen
Sale already

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