Sony MDS-JA50ES Manual Page Scans

Title 01

Getting Started

Index 03
Unpacking, hookup 04, 05
Setting the clock 06
Playing an MD 07
Recording on an MD 08, 09

Recording on MDs:

Notes on recording 10
Useful tips for recording 11
Recording over existing tracks 12
Adjusting the recording level 13
Marking track numbers while recording 14
Starting recording with 6 seconds of prestored audio data 15
Syncho-Recording with audio equipment of your choice 16
Syncho-Recording with a Sony CD player 17
Fading in and out 18
Recording on an MD using a timer 19

Playing MDs:

Using the display 20
Locating a specific track 21
Locating a particular point in a track, playing track repeatedly 22
Playing in random order 23
Creating your own programs 24
Useful tips when recording from MDs to tape 25
Starting playback from a specific position the next time you start playback 26
Playing back with different tones (digital filter) 27
Playing an MD using a timer 28

Editing Recorded MDs:

Notes on editing, Erasing recordings 29
Erasing a part of a track (A-B erase function)30
Dividing recorded tracks 31
Combining recorded tracks 32
Moving recorded tracks, Labeling recordings (title function) 33, 34, 35
Undoing the last edit 36

Additional Information:

Display messages, System limitations 37
Troubleshooting 38
Specifications 39
Table of setup menus 43

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