HP100/200LX IR Titling for MiniDisc

Luk Van Loock ([email protected]) 17/06/97

RC for MD titling

RC is a utility that makes your HP 100LX and HP 200LX palmtop a universal infrared remote controller. The program RC is freeware, and the writer is Diomidis Spinellis.

I used it as a titling machine of my MDS 303. Therefor I wrote the script RC.MD6. Advantages: the small querty keyboard of the 200LX works a lot faster than the rotary control of the 303. Disadvantage: you have to toggle the underscore/uppercase with F1 everytime you want to change the case and the same goes for the numbers. I tried to program the 'A' key as '<upper> a <lower>', but there were timing problems. If you think you have a better script, I would like to receive your version. All alphabetic characters work, as do the numbers. Many symbols work (e..g. dot, comma, exclamation...). There are also characters which I haven't programmed yet (&..). In that case, you can use the rotary control for that character.

Left and right arrow are used to move in the character string.

Please download:

To install: This will do it. For improvements, you can mail me at: [email protected].

Luk Van Loock 17/06/97

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