SCMS Copybit Killer Kit from Elektor / Stippler

Stippler Electronic in Germany offers a kit (#970069) to built a copy bit (SCMS) stripper. This kit passes the track marks but removes the SCMS copy prohibit codes.

The kit includes:

It costs about 126.-DM +pp and to build this kit you need a soldering iron, a bit of time, and an oscilloscope to calibrate the jitter correction.


Stippler Electronics
Postfach 1109
DW-86656 Bissingen
Phone +49 9084 463

This scms-remover was developed by Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Juergen Hanft and first published by Elektor/ Germany 12/97 It features:

However, the kit does not include the schematics, which are given below:

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