Minidisc in Consumer Reports Sept/2002
(Reported by Jonathan Demers and George Trudeau)

The September 2002 issue of Consumer Reports has a test report on MP3 players and CD players that can play MP3 encoded discs. They also bought a Sony MZ-N505 to compare. It was not included in the main test results charts, but they made 2 comments.

In the introduction to the article: "More choices. MiniDisc players have developed a small but loyal following in the U.S. since their 1992 debut. We tested the Sony MZ-N505, $150, which holds up to 5 hours of audio on discs housed in small, square cartridges."

In a side bar comparing other devices (large and small MP3 players, mini-CD players) they profile the Sony MZ-N505:

Minidisc players/recorders: $150-550

Compact; use inexpensive MiniDiscs. Smaller than CD players. Can record from your computer or from your audio system without using a computer. Play discs housed in 2.75" square cartridges that hold up to 80 minutes of near CD quality music or up to 5 hours at lower quality. Use Sony's proprietary ATRAC format but can convert MP3, WAV, or WMA files with special software.

Tested: Sony MZ-N505, $150. Excellent sound and bump immunity, 42 hour battery life, and good headphones; judged excellent overall."

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