Champagne and MDs do mix

I was DJing a wedding and the bride accidentally spilled champagne on my 10 pack of MD's (they were in the case with the top open!). Wine got on the labels and in between the discs and MD sleeves! Luckily the champagne didn't get inside the discs... they were a little sticky but I got a damp cloth and wiped the off. When I got home I took the sleeves and soaked them in water with dishwashing soap, wiped them clean and voila! they are back to normal - except the labels, I will have to reprint them.

What a stressful night... good thing they also had a band!

Danny Mavromatis ([email protected]) does red wine!

The other day I was having a few drinks of red wine at the computer, and my MD collection was sitting on the small stand beside the computer. I had a tall glass of red wine sitting on the computer desk next to my mouse. At some stage I went for the mouse to kick someone off irc and the glass went flying. I watched it in slow motion as the contents fell straight over 3 of my discs. The three discs were covered in the sticky red fluid and I was pretty sure they were ruined. Anyway, I thought I would try to save them because they had recordings on them I didnt want to loose. I filled a margarine container up with water, opened the shutter on all 3 and gave them a good soaking. After this treatment they were left on the window sill, with the shutters propped open with toothpicks to dry for a day. The next day I remembered them, got out my MS722 and popped one in (minus toothpick!) after ensuring it was fully dried out, and it played properly for the full 72 minutes of music recorded on it. So did the other 2 - I was amazed at how tough these little critters are - if it had have been one of my tapes it would have been worth chucking in the bin. :)

Ben ([email protected])

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