January 14, 2002 - Update regarding Kanji titling... looks like I had it right the first time. Kanji titling IS possible, but only if you install the software in Japanese (meaning, if you're using Windows 2000/XP, you must set the OS language/location setting to Japanese before you install the OpenMG Jukebox software). If the installer detects that your OS is set to English, it will install the English OpenMG Jukebox, which is what has problems tranferring Kanji titles to the MZ-N1. More info (including a couple of reader e-mails that helped me out with this) is near the bottom of Page 2, in the "Kanji Info" section.

Also a small update on Page 3 regarding the ability to edit music files. It seems that only files that were ripped straight from CD into OpenMG Jukebox can be edited. I have been unable to edit anything that I have imported from mp3, wma, or anything else that was already on my harddrive in another format.

January 4, 2002 - Updated info on Page 2: Apparently, the N1 does not support multi-byte character (Kanji/Hiragana) input, but only the display of multi-byte titles that were input on other MD units.

January 2, 2002 - Added information to the following locations:

  • Middle of Page 1, regarding the N1's level of motor noise (not changed from the R909).
  • Near the bottom of Page 2 (regarding Kanji titling, and how to input Japanese using an English Windows system).
  • Bottom of Page 3, under Glitches (on what happens if you check a song out, delete it from the hard drive, then check it back in - Answer: it gets deleted from the MD, and is lost for good)