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Pioneer's clone of the Sharp MD-MS701.

The PMD-R3 comes in two colours, silver and pale blue.

The package contains: machine, headphones, LCD remote, soft bag, warranty (claims in Japan only), manual with English section, rechargeable Li-ion battery, 100V AC to 5VDC transformer, dry cell battery case.

Sampling Rate 44.1kHz. 24 bit (Sharp 5) ATRAC. Acoustic Range 20-20,000 Hz (+/- 3dB).

Wow and Flutter +/- 0.001%W

Out ports: headphone/remote control

Power 10mW per channel (32 Ohms)

Electric Supplies:

Batteries: rechargeable Li-ion REM1006 3.6V (1 included), 2xAA (1.5V).
For extra batteries order the cheaper and identical AD-S30BT.

Battery life: Li-ion:3.5h record, 5h play. 2xAAs: 4h record, 8h play. Both: 7.5h record, 13h play.

Car: Cigarette lighter power AD-CA20X (4.5V)
Car cassette adaptor AD-CT13
Worldwide Adapter: AD-SS70AP (100-240v AC to 5v DC 800mA)

Weight 214g, size 87 x 29.4 x 81.5mm


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