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Optical Cables

Made of glass (or optical quality plastic) fibre covered with plastic. You need to get the correct plug combinations because unlike copper wires you can't cut off plugs you don't like and solder new ones on.

These are photgraphs of Tos-link and mini-plug plugs and sockets. Please note - Optical signals are digital, but not all digital signals are optical, and optical cables will not transmit electrical (co-ax) digital signals. The acid test to see whether or not a particlar output port is optical is to press play and look down the hole. If you see a bright mauve light you have optical. Bear in mind that optical ports often have dust covers and of course these will have to be removed first. And don't look too closely - that is very bright light from a tiny laser and might harm you.

Sony Cable classification explained.

POC15AB means Plastic Optical Cable 1.5m long, A (Toslink) plug at one end and B (miniplug) plug at the other.

POC15B gives you two miniplugs and POC10A gives you two TOSlink plugs (and 1 metre of cable).

Big, square and TOS-link - Sony "A"

Small, round and Miniplug - Sony "B"


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