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MZ-R30(JE) - International

Sony's very popular top portable recorder/player. Successor to the MZ-R3 and since superceded by the MZ-R50(JE). Released to most overseas markets. Only one colour available - the silver pictured here. Titling is simple with the jog dial, but the only real thing this has over its cheaper domestic brother is the fact that the machine itself is labelled in English


It comes with a multivotage power supply (the LIP12 Lithium Ion battery is charged while in the machine) and an external case that holds two AA dry cells and will also take the optional accessory BP-DM20 rechargeable Nickel Hydride battery. You can buy these and a suitable charger through me as well.

The headphone-in-line remocon is not LCD! This is the only one of Sony's portables that does not have an LCD remote (MZ-F40 radio/MD player apart). Luckily the LCD remocon that is bundled with the MZR4ST, (RM-MZ-R4MP) works very nicely, and this can be ordered from me as well. Order them together and save shipping costs. The new "stick" controller released with the new line of players and the controller released with the MZ-R50 are also compatible.

International models come with a power adaptor that works on any domestic voltage between 100V and 240V and gives a 6V 800mA DC output. You also get a warranty that is good at any overseas Sony agent, 3 months parts, 12 months labour.

Photographs taken with the DSC-F1, now superceded, twice, by the DSC-F3


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