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FujiFilm FinePix 700

Manufacturer's Recommended Sale Price JPY99,800

Current leader in the picture quality stakes with 1.5 million pixels in a 1280x1024 array

For pure convenience the Fujifilm FD-A1 - (flashcard adaptor) allows the flashcard to be read as if it were a floppy disk and then use your own software to manipulate the JPG file produced. This is the way I do it.

Feature Details
Official Name FujiFilm FinePix 700 Digital Camera
Package includes FinePix 700
Lithium Ion Battery
AC Power adaptor
5V 2Mb SmartMedia memory card
hand strap
video cable
Lens 26mm f7.6 (equivalent to 35mm for a 35mm film camera)
Pixels 1,500,000 (max resolution 1280x1024)
Light Digitiser 1/3 inch charge-coupled device
White Balance Manually adjustable
Light metering Reflected from CCD
Sensitivity ISO100 equivalent
Lens range 9cm to infinity (auto macro mode)
Flash Range up to 2.5m
Shutter Speed 1/4 to 1/1,000
Ports DC In, RS232C/RS422, NTSC Video out
Finder, Monitor It has a finder
Monitor is 2 inch TFT colour panel
8Mb Chip capacity Fine Mode (1280x1024) - 11
High Quality Mode (640x480) - 22
Standard Mode - 44
Other features Autofocus
Optional Accessories Spare 8Mb memory cards MG-8S JPY8,800
Floppy Disk Adaptor FD-A1 JPY12,000
External battery charger BC-100 JPY6800
PC Kit IF-CL/M3 JPY7,000
PCMCIA Adaptor JPY10,000
Spare Lithium Ion rechargeable battery NP-100 JPY6000
Weight 245g (without battery)
Dimensions 80mm x 101mm x 33mm


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