Bingner Responds to Williams on MZ-E10 Article
July 2003

Dear Mr. Williams,

Thank you for your recent column addressing the perceived "dis" of the Minidisc format. Just so you know up front, I too am a big fan of the format--but don't be afraid. I'm not going to rip you a new one. But I will share my perspective on the "controversy".

Since I haven't read the response mail you've received, I'll apologize in advance for any belligerence you may have encountered. But I can explain where I think some of it may have come from.

Quite simply, I don't think anyone sees the MZ-E10 as particularly representative of today's Minidisc. It's overbuilt, overpriced, and frankly, made for people with too much discretionary income and no cocaine addiction to blow it on.

Every consumer product line has its own MZ-E10 because there's always that rare individual who wants the top-of-the-line, no matter what the cost.

Meanwhile, Best Buy sells Minidisc RECORDERS that sound just as good (only without the sexy titanium shell) starting at $129. Even the most expensive Minidisc recorders are LESS than $329.

So, I think to people who are fans are the format and who are familiar with the going rate for good Minidisc recorders, they may see it as the equivalent of reviewing a top-of-the-line Porsche convertible and saying, "They want $45,000 dollars for the stupid thing and it doesn't even have a roof!"

For those of us who love the format and want to keep enjoying it for years to come, we cringe at anything that we think doesn't tell the best story for Minidisc.

Thanks for reading this.

Gary Bingner

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