MZ-R50 Survives a Drop from a Balcony

Guido Gabriele
January 1999

Just this past weekend, I took a trip to a resort up north with my two friends, and their families- totaling 17 people. Due to the temperature of -2F, the land was convered with six inches of ice or hard snow for the whole trip. I took my brand new Sony MZ-R50 with me, which I had just received as a birthday present on 12/25. Due to the abundance of young children on this trip, I had to go to great lengths to keep my MD out of their reach. On the last day though, as I was packing, one of the kids thought they would "help" me. They picked up my jacket (which had my MD in it) while we were on this little balcony and the MD slid out. It slipped down the snow-and-ice covered roof and fell onto the driveway below. I rushed out of the house, picked it up, and rushed it into a kind of intensive care-- I cleaned it, checked for any broken hinges or buttons, but found none. There was only one small battle scar on one of the corners. Amazingly, it still works perfectly- in fact, I'm listening to it right now. This surely is to Sony's credit- they really make a great design.

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