Carrying MD improves more if the hand strap of the attachment is used. MD can be additionally carried about by the accessories sense with the basic operation button diagonally laid out. Moreover, the color also adopted three colors (blue, white, and pink), and player with whom "Loveliness" overflows. midashi
Layout of basic operation button to the front side part of (*disukufuta*), and design by which [it] sticks to easiness to use. In addition, "Shell lock" mechanism which suppresses shaking of (*futa*) is adopted, and safe feeling to strength has been improved. Moreover, the specification which can be conveniently enjoyed even by outdoor to which optical (*injikeitah*) which can confirm the operation instruction and the charge, etc. in one glance adheres, too. midashi
photoWhen (*futa*) is closed even if [it] does not push it into the interior when the disk is inserted, [it] automatically draws it in. Because (*futa*) opens completely only by doing the opening button in the slide when taking it out, and the disk dashes out, the disk can be replaced with (*rak*). midashi
- For convenient "MD network" for recording of MD and print of label(Details are here)- "Shining see-through liquid crystal remote control" attachment of world thin the * of three which seems to be transparent of liquid crystal display. *** "<leaving> 知(unknown word) らせ(unknown word) of battery slice alarm function" of which it is informed that amount of the battery remainder <-> becomes little because of sound.


- The continuous reproduction time of MJ80 is time when an attached, rechargeable battery is used together with one optional AA type Panasonic alkali dry battery. The reproduction time might shorten by the use condition etc. ・* Two : as of January 1, 2001. *** * Three <(> : as liquid crystal remote control as of clip 部除(unknown word) <turning over>) January 1, 2001. - The sound might cut 振(unknown word) portable MD function when shock which continues and is violent joins the main body and the road cut. - The liquid crystal display is a synthesis (*hame*)ing and crowding.