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There is a possibility with different retrieval day and information because information published in here is information for press in the announcement day present provinces. Moreover, sales have already ended for new release information occasionally. Please acknowledge it beforehand. Please see "Home equipment" of SonyDrive or "Business equipment" concerning the commodity being put on the market now.
July 27, 1999

New commodity

The voice level of MD which has been recorded can be easily processed back again.
"MD pixie" sale by which MD edit function is enhanced

High fidelity component system "MD pixie" ‘DHC-MD575'

The Sony marketing company (The president:林誠宏(unknown word) and headquarters:Tokyo port district) puts "MD pixie" ‘DHC-MD575' to be able to be able to process the voice level of MD which the user recorded by himself back again easily, to add the fade-in fade-out edit, and for an original MD making where the voice level of each tune becomes complete to do on the market.

Type name Sale day Price (excluding tax) First monthly production
High fidelity component system
"MD pixie" ‘DHC-MD575'
September 10 81,000 yen 10,000

To install 5MD+5CD (*chenjah*) in 1BOX system, and to enhance the MD edit function more, this machine adopted a newly developed SF (scale factor) Edith function.
In the SF Edith function, the voice level recorded in MD which has been recorded can be adjusted back, and the fade-in fade-out can be edited freely. Moreover, the voice level of MD on hand can be adjusted before, and MD which arranges the voice level by the SF Edith function can be enjoyed with other MD equipments including this machine.

- Main feature
Equipped with 1.5MD+5CD (*chenjah*)
The (*shiimuresuchenjah*) function is adopted in 5MD (*chenjah*), music is read ahead when MD is continuously reproduced, and [it] shifts to the following operation like the disk change etc.Therefore, when the disk is switched, road continuous play of music which does not cut can be done. Five continuous MD, and moreover, *1 can be reproduced and be recorded for a long time for 6 hours or less and 40 minutes. In addition, CD (*chenjah*) can replace the disk which does not reproduce while reproducing CD and the disk which wants to listen as follows with the exchange function.
- At MD5 piece continuousness use (stereo) for 1:80 minutes

2. SF *(scale factor) two Edith function that voice level of MD which has been recorded can be adjusted back
SF (scale factor) newly developed Edith can adjust the voice level recorded in recording ending MD (magnet-optical disk) other than a music software on the market back. Therefore, it is possible to cut on the way and the fade-in by which the start of a fade-out by which the recorded tune can be produced to natural how to end and an impressive tune can be processed can be edited. Moreover, the tune with low voice level is possible the MD making that the voice level becomes complete in improving by adjusting the level back one that a high tune is low.
- 2:SF (scale factor) is a parameter which shows level information on the compressed music data.
- 3:It is not possible to return it based on the voice level adjusted by the SF Edith function.

3. The front side of the main body is equipped with the control terminal for the personal computer.
[It] comes to be able to operate the system in the personal computer by connecting the personal computer from the terminal CONTROL I with which the front side of the main body is equipped by using the personal computer connection cable of optional personal computer connection kit “PCLK-PX2" (A sale already and a standard price:11,000 yen). A pleasant music environmental making of the display of the list of the album and the name of a song to the input of the character of the name of a song etc. with the recording of the music of concentrated operation of the main body of the system, the MD edit, and 5CD→5MD and the keyboard and the personal computer screen and the MD label print, etc. is achieved.

4. Can comprehensible operation of recording of music of CD→MD, and "Direct touch editor" function

5. MD Walkman terminal which can connect MD Walkman on hand
(optional connected cable “MDLK-PX1":Sale already and standard price 2000 yen)

6. Equipped with digital REC level control

- Main specification

Practical, maximum output:

MD deck
D/A converter:

1bit pulse
CD player
D/A converter:

1bit pulse
Reception frequency:
Antenna terminal:

No FM75Ω equilibrium type and AM external antenna terminal
Use unit:

Two (*weibasuref*) method

15cmHOP corn type (*uufah*)
2.5cm (*baranst*) drive (*tuiitah*)
Consumption electric power 98W
Consumption electric power when standing by 1W(At display OFF).
The maximum and externals sizes (w×h×d) Main body:215×320×410mm
Speaker:190×320×250mm for each
Mass Main body:About 10kg
*** About <speaker:> four <each> kg

- Inquiries from customer:
Sony (Inc.)customer consultation center Tokyo: 03-5448-3311 Nagoya: 052-232-2611 Osaka: 06-6539-5111

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