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Portable MD Recorder XM-R2

The first MD with pen control.
Easy song selection, editing and title input with
the ``Pen Touch'' Portable MD <R2>.

PDA like pen touch operation

The first* MD portable equipped with pen touch operation. Just by touching screen icons and characters with a pen, operations such as title input, song selection and editing are carried out with surprising speed. Includes a special stylus which fits into the unit.

*Among the portables existing as of 1996/12

Easy to see, easy to operate, large style LCD display.

Large style LCD display of 12 characters X 4 rows. In combination with the pen, operation is sweet and easy.
Pen Touch Character Input:
Katakana, roman letters (upper and lower case), digits and symbols are displayed on 5 screens. For example, the upper case roman letters are all one one screen, making character selection easy.
Pen Touch Song Selection:
The names of the current song and its three following songs are displayed. If you touch the pen to the name of the song you want to hear, that song will quickly start to play.
Double Counter Display:
While recording, a song's elapsed time plus the MD's remaining recording time are simultaneously displayed.
Disc Information Display:
Information such as title name and recording time, track count, etc., are displayed in summary.
Pen Touch Editing:
With pen operation you can divide and combine songs, allowing you to freely edit recordings.

Continuous 13 hour ``Marathon Play'' (rechargeable and alkaline cells)

Built in rechargeables give 4 hours playback, 2.5 hours recording time. Together with AA alkaline cells, 13 hours playbck and 6.5 hours recording time has been realized. Long recording 148 minute monaural mode also possible.

In a portable size, multiple functions have been condensed.

Easily connected to a mini-component system or radio-cassette, allowing high quality recording from CD via optical digital/line input terminal. Well equipped with features such as a remote control with easily removed headphone, bass boost, auto level control, mic input terminal, etc. System pocket carrying case and dry cell case included.

(Remote control, stereo headphones included)
Portable MD Recorder
MSRP JPY53,000

Customer Information: (Weekdays 9:00-17:00)
Tokyo TEL: 03-5684-9311
Osaka TEL: 06-765-4161

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