SD audio recorder

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*** <first in the world> (- From CD without the personal computer of 1); SDメモリーカードへAAC(; - It is possible to record by the compression of 2) method.
Up to now, taking music into the SD memory card was operated of the checkout of music once by using taking USB leader writer etc. etc. a necessary, high hurdle for the user to the hard drive of the personal computer. 今回­売するSV-SR100では本体にCDとSDメモリカードをセットすればワンボタンでCDに迫る高音質を実現するAAC(- The recording by the compression of 2) method is possible.
- 1 As SD audio recorder as of September 28, 2001
- 2 One method in audio compression method of international AAC(Advanced Audio Coding) standard standard MPEG-2
AAC(※2)/MP3(※3)/WMA(- For multi of 4) format SD reproduction (Limit it to the reproduction from the SD memory card).
[It] is adopted with Windows XP.; 今後急速な拡大が見込まれるWMA(; - [It] corresponds to the music data by the compression of 4) method. AAC(※2)、MP3(- Multi format SD reproduction which corresponds to three voice compression methods along with the compression of 3) method is achieved. As a result, SD audio format was supported full in the compression method of the reproduction.
- 3 International standard which MPEG which was working group of MP3(MPEG-1/Audio Layer3) ISO enacted
※4 WMA(Windows Media Audio)
Analog input terminal equipment which can be connected with other audio equipments
If the stereo microphone (Another sales:RP-VC200 and RP-VC300) is used, the microphone recording is possible an important library such as the cassette tapes because [it] equips with the analog input terminal which can be preserved on the SD memory card, and [it] equips it with the microphone terminal. In addition, the input of the SD title of ten keys which can be the title input is adopted for the SD memory card in the main body by the portable telephone sense.
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