Sony holds the commemoration party of the tenth MD birth anniversary.
-The tenth anniversary model such as the MD Walkman of 9.9mm thickness is announced.

"Real parent of MD" Chairman Managing Board's 典雄氏(unknown word) Ooga
Holding on September 2

Sale day:“MZ-E10" November 10
“MZ-N10" November 10
“LAM-10" November 21
“LAM-Z10" November 21

Price:Open price

Where to make contact:Customer consultation center
Tel. (Nabis dial of 0570-00-3311)
*** <Tel.> 03-5448-3311 (for portable telephone and PHS)

Sony held the party which celebrated the tenth birth anniversary of MD the second. Moreover, two models (portable MD player “MZ-E10" and “MZ-N10"), desktop MD systems “LAM-10", and “LAM-Z10" were announced as a commemoration the tenth anniversary model.

After this company puts founder's MD Walkman “MZ-1" on the market in year of the '92, ten anniversaries in this year. The party which had commemorated it was held in Tokyo. The shipment of the equipment for MD in all over the world at the end of 2001 fiscal year is about 56,000,000 according to this company. Media are said extending over about 1,000,000,000 pieces.

At the beginning, president Kei Kodera of the Sony marketing which stood in the greeting described the success of MD, "The concept of making the high pitched sound quality easy was accepted", and talked about the ambition, "The commodity wanted to be spread to all over the world centering on a new function such as Net MD in the future".

In addition, chairman Managing Board's 典雄氏(unknown word) Ooga appears as "Real parent of MD". Then inside story of assuming, "At the conference which took large number of people's opinion, the compromise resulted without fail", and having decided on the size and the function etc. of MD by three substance people who included oneself was announced.

In addition, it is assumed that "Compact which enters the shirtfront pocket" which is the concept when developing was able to be achieved at last, and introduces latest model “MZ-E10" and “MZ-N10". "Portable of the founder MD might be able to be called a failure work when thinking from the concept . Feelings which wanted to be exchanged gratuitously for the latest model for the user who had bought it at that time" [It] from beginning to end became the party of peaceful atmosphere as the joke (Ooga conference head) went out, too.

*** <-> portable only for reproduction MD“MZ-E10"


MZ-E10 is portable MD player only for the reproduction. The sale day is ten days November, and prices are open prices. The shop forecast price is an expectation of about 30,000 yen. The coloring is silver. It is said that the minimum (9.9mm of the thickness of the main body and 55g(A built-in battery contains it)) in the industry and the lightness were achieved by having newly developed the picking up mechanism and the motor.

Moreover, a newly developed lithium ion battery of about 3mm in thickness is adopted. Headphone Jack is the one with new width of 3mm. As a rule, the lithium ion battery cannot do taking out and substitution by the user. [It] will request it to the support of the maker when newly exchanging it.

A digital amplifier is adopted for the first time as MD Walkman on the tone quality side. It is said that the sound with few noises can be enjoyed. (*saraund*) sound scene 創生(unknown word) technological "Virtual phon technology acoustic engine" of original this company is adopted besides six strap equalizer in seven changeable stages is installed. It is possible to select it from four modes "Studio", "Live", "Club", and "Arena". Both functions cannot be used at the same time.

Remote control is a stick type of the new design. The group name and the name of a song can be displayed at the same time by two digits besides corresponding to the Japanese syllabary Chinese character display. Moreover, "DPC (digital pitch control)" by which the reproduction speed can be adjusted without changing the interval is installed. *** The range of the adjustment : by up to +100% <fast> 聞(unknown word) coming reproduction up to 50% <<slowness> <聞(unknown word) coming reproduction> ->.

The maximum and externals sizes are about 81.9×9.9×79.1mm(width × interior taking × height). Weight is about 55g(The battery contains it). The continuous reproduction time for about 40 LP4 hours by about 35 LP2 hours of the standard of about 29 hours. The outside putting battery case etc. are not prepared.

The material is magnesium, and has high-level feeling. The thickness of the main body is 9.9mm. It is almost the same as as many as two pieces on the MD disk. The small size is understood well when thinking the MD disk repeatedly.

Newly developed headphone Jack is width of 3mm. The clip of remote control is a detaching type. The direction can be changed, and the clip be applied to the cable. As for a newly developed lithium ion battery, taking out and substitution by the user cannot be done.

- Portable MD recorder “MZ-N10"

Gray model of MZ-N10

MZ-N10 is portable MD recorder of the Net MD correspondence. The sale day is ten days November, and prices are open prices. The shop forecast price is an expectation of about 40,000 yen. The coloring prepares two colors (the gray and silver). *** Present model “MZ-N1" of this company and the comparison 2.6mm are made thin, and it is said that the lightness was achieved <<録(unknown word)> machine <again>> minimum in the industry.

TYPE-S DSP for ATRAC3 installed in MD deck etc. “MDS-JE780" of the full size is adopted for the first time as a portable model. It is said that the tone quality when the MDLP mode reproduces will have improved, too. Moreover, forwarding fast (LP4 o'clock)64 times or less has quickened overall with possible by about the twice by using application “SonicStage Ver.1.5" of the attachment.

Six strap equalizer, virtual phon technology acoustic engine, and DPC are installed as well as MZ-N10. [It] becomes common to the lithium ion battery of thickness of about 3mm and remote controls.

The maximum and externals sizes are about 83.8×18.9×74.3mm(width × interior taking × height). Weight is about 84g(The battery contains it). The main body can be equipped with a special terminal USB besides USB Cradle is packed up together, and [it] connect it with PC without Cradle. A continuous reproduction and the continuous recording time are as follows.

Battery duration
([It] reproduces/record)
Built-in lithium ion battery AA alkali dry battery ×1 At using together
Standard mode For about 23 hours/about 9 hours For about 32 hours/about 11 hours For about 58 hours/about 23 hours
LP2 mode For about 27 hours/about 13 hours For about 40 hours/about 16 hours For about 71 hours/about 33 hours
LP4 mode For about 30 hours/about 16 hours For about 43 hours/about 20 hours For about 77 hours/about 41 hours

The taking out mouth of the battery has been covered. Looking to blue is a newly developed lithium ion battery part. This bale of SonicStage Ver.1.5. At present, the up-grade from a past version is not scheduled. *** The minimum in the industry, and the lightness as the 録(unknown word) machine <again>. The design of Cradle was completely changed.

- Desktop MD system “LAM-Z10"

Blue model of LAM-Z10

Compound machine of Net MD+CD. “LAM-10" only of the main body and an active speaker are prepared for two models of wanting to make “LAM-Z10" in the set. The sale day is 21 days November, and prices are open prices. The shop forecast price of “LAM-Z10" is about 39,800 yen. Expectation of about 35,000 yen in “LAM-10". LAM-10 and LAM-Z10 both prepare two colors (blue and silver) in the coloring.

Fast (LP4 o'clock)32 times or less can be forwarded by using “SonicStage Ver.1.5" corresponding to Net MD. Moreover, it is possible to use it as USB audio equipment while connected with PC. TYPE-S for ATRAC3 is installed in DSP besides four time velocity recording from CD to MD is possible by one-touch.

The maximum and externals sizes of the main body are 86×198×207mm(width × interior taking × height). Weight is about 1.1kg. The maximum and externals sizes of the speaker unit are 99×166×175mm(width × interior taking × height), and weight is 800g(1). The voice output is one analog system, and a headphone one system.

Both slot Inn methods of MD and CD. When accessing it, the front panel does the slide right and left. A passive radiator is arranged in the back of the speaker. Remote control of LAM-10 and LAM-Z10

- The exhibition by which the history of MD is actually felt : in the hall.

Many prepare the exhibition by which the history of MD of ten years feels in the hall. Especially, the exhibition of (*mokkuap*) of “MZ-E10" by which a small size wooden (*mokkuap*) which the development department of this company manufactured as "Ultimate size of the target" at the stage of year of the '90 and any more was achieved was impressive.

Moreover, the toque show was executed in the latter half of the party. Having been invited as a guest music producer is Hiroshi Fujiwara, and Shinichi Oosawa. The both men of using MD was talking about the charm of MD as the tool for the music manufacture to work though it was private.

The left is a size of the ideal at this development time. The right is a present, latest model. The panel which brings the history of MD together is exhibited in the hall. The miniaturization of internal like the picking up mechanism etc. is also remarkable.

'92 year's founder MZ-1 and MZ-E900 in 2000 are compared. I feel the flow at time. The history of media was exhibited. Hiroshi (left) Fujiwara who appeared to toque show and Shinichi Oosawa (right)

- Home page of Sony
- News release (MD birth ten anniversaries)
- News release (MZ-E10,MZ-N10,LAM-Z10)
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【22 May 】 Sony is full size MD recorder for Net MD.
-Newly developed “TYPE-S" DSP is installed.
【22 January 】 Sony is desk-top HDD audio system of the Net MD correspondence.
【12 September, 2001】 Sony announces the MD equipment five products for “Net MD".
*** 【16 August, 2001】 Portable MDLP player at <Sony> the lightness in industry/longest reproduction time
-Group function and “TYPE-R" DSP are installed.
【24 July, 2001】 Sony is portable MD recorder equipped with the MDLP group function.
-The charge stand which can be charged only by putting it is attached.

(September 2, 2002)

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The latest news
【 five September 】
魁(unknown word). Fujiwara style item road

Kenwood is THX Select, and 6.1ch AV amplifier of the CS II correspondence.

Sony is 7.1ch AV amplifier of the DTS96/24 correspondence.

7.1ch AV amplifier in accordance with on Kiyo and THX Select

Kenwood is portable MD player of the digital amplifier adoption.

Chapter of DVD media price investigation Shinjuku

Kenwood is a video DVD audio/player equipped with 108MHz DAC.

TV capture PCI card equipped with MSA and hardware MPEG-2 encoder

Authoring software “CaptyDVD/VCD" for (*pikusera*) and Mac is put on the market on September 28.

The lacquer is painted and a small speaker equipped with (*arumoni*) and cannonball type (*tsuiita*).

Limitation campaign list of DVD period

【 four September 】
Weekly of 信良(unknown word) Kodera Electric Zooma.

Sony is 160GB HDD video recorder of the D1 output equipment.

Sony announces AV attention style “CoCoon" in the Broad strap age.

Marantz is new model 【 audio chapter 】 in autumn

Marantz is new model 【 AV amplifier/chapter of player DVD 】 in autumn

Marantz is new model 【 chapter B&W 】 in autumn

Marantz is DLP projector specialized to the DVD reproduction.

TV capture unit for (*esukeinet*) and first USB2.0

Matsushita is DV camera for the first 24P taking a picture in the industry.

Creative and player MP3/WMA's “NOMAD MuVo" 128MB versions

NEC Mitsubishi is 30 type business liquid crystal display of wide XGA panel adoption.

Software “B's Menuet" for BHA and mp3PRO is renewed.

"List on DVD sale day" Update information September 3

【 three September 】
Two DVD minicomponents of four (*supiikahsaraund*) adoption Kenwood

Direct sale beginning of creative and NOMAD Jukebox3 exclusive use dock

IBM is DLP data projector which adjusts the automatic operation as for brightness.

Study remote control software “ProntoLite" for Philips and Palm is opened to the public.

Real-time edit card for Hitachi measurement machine and Premiere “RT.X10"

The latest version of (*pegashis*) and “TMPGEnc PLUS" is opened to the public.

Sony is the latest firmware of outside putting DVD-RW drive.

(*kanohpus*) and the “WinDVD3.0" improvement data are opened to the public.

*** MD media of Cal cartridge adoption TDK and graph

"List on DVD sale day" Update information September 2

【 two September 】
Weekly of Takeshi Fujimoto Digital Audio Laboratory

Sony holds the commemoration party of the tenth MD birth anniversary.

Sharp is the second "One bit theater system" bounce.

Sharp is a new model of minicomponent “Auvi".

Sharp is player MD equipped with the first one bit digital amplifier.

On Kiyo, and (*peintohaus*) and the first theater reform proposal in the country

[It] cuts the price of the direct sale price of (*samusun*) and three models of the liquid crystal television. 30,000 yen or less

The remote control software for (*kanohpus*) and MTV is renewed.

IEEE1394 card of alpha data and DVD making software attachment

It is announced that Midbar and copy control CD exceeded 10,000,000 in Japan.

Eye (*oh*) and the first outside putting type DVD multi-drive in industry

AV Watch access ranking

"List on DVD sale day" Update information August 30

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