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MiniDisc Powered PA System

During ski season in the United States, Subaru sponsors a event at various ski areas called "Master the Mountain" which promotes their automobiles and supports "adaptive" skiing (for disabled individuals). They set up a tent at the base of the mountain for the weekend and give away prizes and food and hold demonstrations. Background music is played throughout the day from the tent for the skiers enjoyment.

I recently visited a ski area in the Catskills during the Subaru event. Imagine my surprise to find that the entire music program was being supplied by one portable MiniDisc recorder, and a stack of MiniDiscs. The unit looked like a standard Sony MZ-R50, jacked into the PA system, and it sounded great. I would have thought that CDs and especially CD-Rs nowadays would be used for these types of applications. Neat!

-James Brodsky, March 2000

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