Sony Professional Record/Playback MDS-B3 and Play only MDS-B4P

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Professional use record/playback deck MDS-B3 MSRP JPY350,000 ($3500)

Professional use playback only deck MDS-B4P MSRP JPY250,000 ($2500)

Intended Purpose

The industrial use record/playback MDS-B3 and play only MDS-B4P decks are MD systems for studios and broadcast stations using Minidisc, which has appeared as the next generation audio recording media. Because you can control up to 255 different audio annoucements (not only from the device itself, but externally from a computer, timer etc.), power which has not existed until now is shown in various fields, such as annoucements, background music, programs, information services, singles, etc.

Main Characteristics

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