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March 1, 2001

New commodity

*** "Network Walkman of headphone of type of being about <耳(unknown word)> <(*sutairish*)> listening style of Walkman freer of type" Sale

Network Walkman ‘NW-E8P'

The Sony marketing company (The president:林誠宏(unknown word) and headquarters:Tokyo port district) puts the model of the ear imposing type headphone type on the market as a new lineup of with built-in the memory "Network Walkman".

Type name Sale day Hope retail price First monthly production
"Network Walkman"
April 21 Open price 2,000

"Network Walkman" is lost of the restriction, and can achieve a rapid small size and lightening in the size of the main body by making the semiconductor a record medium compared with past portable audio. As a result, a new proposal of the listening style like the form etc. of carrying is possible.
This machine included the function of "Network Walkman" in an ear imposing type headphone popular in the headphone for outdoor as a new proposal of Walkman. This machine with built-in the memory to be able to enjoy music only with the main body is a future model by which the freedom degree of the miniaturization and the design is thoroughly pursued. It is possible to install it by assuming the ear imposing type besides the outdoor listening can be freely had enough as the hairstyle does not worry. Additionally, it is excellent also in carrying when carrying. A further high pitched sound quality making was achieved by uniting with the high pitched sound quality technology of the headphone on the tone quality side in addition to the high pitched sound quality technology of past "Network Walkman".
Moreover, an excellent (*erasutoma*) resin in the flexibility of the adoption in the suspender put on the ear and the ABS resin in the mechanism part were integrated, the goodness of solidity and wearing feelings was pursued, and the beauty of the design was pursued.
Moreover, built-in flash memory (64MB) can be adopted for the record medium, and be about 120 minutes (At 66kbps) in the longest recording time of this machine. Can [it] reproduce continuously, and about six hours of about seven hours continuously be reproduced with one AAA type alkali battery on the AAA type nickel hydrogen charge pond of the attachment.
*** It is <“OpenMG Jukebox"> attached as the application software which controls the music contents on PC. *** It is possible to take into this machine and to enjoy it with the USB cable of the tune which wants to listen from the personal computer of the obtained music with CD and EMD (<music> <wiring> service) after [it] preserves it.
Software “OpenMG Jukebox" of this machine and the attachment is SDMI. - The encryption technology was used to protect the music copyright in accordance with the rule of one “OpenMG". - Two technologies have been adopted.
Moreover, to the voice compression method “ATRAC3"- Three has been adopted.

※1 SDMI(Secure Digital Music Initiative) digital music copyright protection conference
※2 “OpenMG":Copyright protection technology to control music contents of EMD and CD taken on personal computer.
「ネットワークウォークマン」は、SDMI(- The record and the reproduction of the music along copyright person's intention are enabled in accordance with the standard of 1).
※3 “ATRAC3":Technology which achieves compression performance of about twice MD (mini-disc) basis compression format “ATRAC" by high pitched sound quality.

- Main feature

1. The first in industry*** Headphone of 耳(unknown word) of being about> type type (*sutairish*) of -
*** Adoption of デ(unknown word) Zain. (*sutairish*) of ear imposing type headphone typeThe outdoor listening can be enjoyed with a compact main body of about 95g(The attached charge pond and the code contain it) in the mass of the main body.
An excellent (*erasutoma*) resin in the flexibility of the adoption in the suspender put on the ear is integrated with the ABS resin of the material in the mechanism part, and beautiful design finish り(unknown word).
- Our company examination as of ear imposing type adoption March 1, 2001 the first as semiconductor audio

With built-in flash memory of 2.64MB
About 120 minutes (At 66kbps) can be recorded longest by building the flash memory of 64MB into.

3. High pitched sound quality design
A further high pitched sound quality making is achieved by uniting the high pitched sound quality technology of the headphone in addition to the high pitched sound quality technology of the network Walkman. Music can be enjoyed by the high pitched sound quality by the tuning only of the headphone all-in-one design by which the frequency characteristic of the amplifier is made according to the frequency characteristic of the headphone.

4. Adoption of "(*jogurebah*)" by which pleasant operativeness is achieved
Various operation keys are consolidated in a right headphone. Moreover, the reproduction and the stop of music remain being able to arrive and can operate the headphone easily by adopting (*jogurebah*).

5. Equipped with liquid crystal display with backing light
In the liquid crystal display at the right of the headphone, the reproduction, the volume, and 曲番(unknown word) can be confirmed. Moreover, because the display can be concealed by the wave animation function when the headphone is installed, privacy is protected.

6. A continuous reproduction of about seven hours is achieved with one alkali AAA dry battery.

*** <software “OpenMG Jukebox"> attachment for forwarding
The environment by which the music contents etc. can be safely enjoyed is achieved at the same time as protecting the right person by adopting copyright protection technology “OpenMG". *** Moreover, it is <“OpenMG Jukebox"> attached to the application software which becomes the key of the operation. The music down-loaded from music CD and EMD is encoded by copyright protection technology “OpenMG" and [it] records to hard drive drive (HDD) in the personal computer.
In “OpenMG Jukebox", can [it] reproduce like the juke, and forwarding from on making original best 曲集(unknown word) and HDD to this machine be done while controlling these.


9. USB is adopted for the interface of the data transfer.

- Main specification

Record method : ATRAC3 method (Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding3)
The maximum recording time :
Bit rate 132kbps About 60 minutes
105kbps (standard mode) About 80 minutes
66kbps About 120 minutes
Reproduction frequency band region : 20-20000Hz (single signal measurement)
I/O terminal : USB connection terminal (exclusive use)
Power supply : Alkali AAA type dry battery (optional) and AAA type nickel hydrogen charge pond (attachment)
Battery duration : *** During about seven-<dry battery (optional)> alkali AAA type hour
For about six hours in the AAA type nickel hydrogen charge pond (attachment)
Charge time : For about 1.5 hours
Mass : About 90g(The charge pond contains it). - 45g on the right side and 45g on the left side
About 95g(The charge pond and the code contain it).
Attached goods : Application software “OpenMG Jukebox" (CD-ROM) and USB cable
(*kyaringupohchi*) and AAA type nickel hydrogen charge pond and charger
(*batteriikyaringukeis*) and attachment

- Necessary system (system requirements)

IBM PC/AT and the interchangeability machine
OS: Windows(R) 98/Windows(R) 98 SE/Windows(R) Me/Windows(R) 2000 Professional
Japanese version standard installation
CPU: MMX(R) Pentium(R) processor 233MHz or more
RAM: 64MB or more
Empty capacity of (*hahdisk*):60MB(When the CD data base is installed, it is necessary by 100MB or more . Moreover, empty capacity is necessary in proportion to the amount which the version of Windows used and the music file treat).
USB port
CD-ROM drive (necessity in application software installation and recording of CD)
Sound board
Internet connection environment
Display:(16 bit sophisticated color)More than 800×480 dots above

- Inquiry of customer:
*** <Sony marketing (Inc.)customer center TEL0570-00-3311 consultation (Nabis dial)> 03-5448-3311(For a portable telephone and PHS).
- Sony drive URLhttp://www.sony.co.jp/SonyDrive/
- Walkman official site URLhttp://www.sony.co.jp/walkman/

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