The tools and measuring equipments for performing maintenance on the MDH-10 series are followings.

2-1-1 General Tools

SONY Parts No.
+ Screw Driver (DK-20) (for 1.4mm)(7-721-050-09)
+ Driver 2.6mm(7-700-749-03)
Round Nose Plier(7-700-757-01)
Driver (for Volume adjustment)(7-721-052-07)
+ Bit (#1) (for Torque Driver)(M0.8 - 2.0)(7-721-052-91)
+ Bit (#0) (for Torque Driver)(M1.6, 2.0)(7-721-052-92)
Soldering Iron (20W)
Base Tip for Soldering iron (for FFC removal)(3-702-088-01)
Desoldering Metal Braid (Solder Wick)
Power Supply DC+5V (min 2.0A)
Power Supply -5 ~ -12V (min 1.0A) (only when RF Buffer Board)
BNC Cable (1.5m)
Thermometer (Digital)
Headphone (MDR-E741MP/K2) (for J1)(8-953-537-94)
Headphone (MDR-014MP) (for UC2, CEJ, CEK)(8-953-009-90)
Lip-12 Rechargeable Battery (Lithium-ion battery pack)
SCSI Cable MOA-CIOT (for J1) (Bellows Type/50P-Full-50P-Half)
AC Adapter (for J1)(1-473-017-11)
AC Adapter (for UC2)(1-473-018-11)
AC Adapter (for AE4, CEJ)(1-473-019-11)

2-1-2 Special Tools

Quarter L (PCX-320 Series) system
Followings can be a substitute for the Quarter L system
    PS/2 model 30
    Dell Optiplex 4100
Note: Fujitsu SCSI card of PCMCIA Ver 2.0 could not be supported.
Note: Following specification are required.
    640kbytes or more RAM
    w/3.5" Floppy Disk Drive
    w/Hard Disk Drive
    DOS ver 5.1 or later
SCSI Cable (E) (for UC2, CEJ, CEK pin type/50p Full-50p-Half)(J-905-910-0A)
Mech Deck Base(J-905-914-0A)
Over Write Head Height Tool(J-905-913-0A)
Power Cable (for RF Buffer Board)(J-609-130-0A)
BNC (one-end) Cable(J-907-202-0A)
Fixture Base (MDH-10)(J-905-911-0A)
Pin Board Ass'y(J-905-912-0A)
RS-232 Cable(J-905-016-0A)
RS-232 I/F Cable(J-905-901-0A)
RS-232 Interface 3V(J-905-915-0A)
RS-232 Cable (Host side)(J-905-904-0A)
Error Rate Counter(J-905-902-0A)
RF Buffer Board(J-905-917-0A)
MD DATA Power Checker (w/MD Cartridge)(J-905-905-0A)
AC Adapter (recommend A08017 (AC 90V to 110V (Advantest)) or A08019 (AC 200V to 245V (Advantest))) (for MD DATA Power Checker)
Note: This checker consists of a Power Meter and a MD Cartridge. And only MD Cartridge can be supplied for spare, as part No. J-905-906-0A.
Line Out Cable(J-905-919-0A)

2-1-3 Test Discs (Disks)

Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) System disk (OR-D707WA)(8-980-300-07)
    This disk used for ATP. (for details, refer to section 3)
Function Check Disk (OR-D706WA)(8-980-300-06)
    This disk used for unit adjustment. (for details, refer to section 5)
Down Load Program Disk (OR-D702WA)(8-980-300-02)
    This disk used for down load program. (for details, refer to section 5-10)
    Note: Abovementioned disks can be worked on DOS V5.1 or later.
Re-Writable Adjustment Disc No. 1(8-980-300-08)
Test Disc (Read Only) (TGYS-9001) (OR-D716WA)(8-980-300-24)
Audio Test Disc (TGYS-1)
    These discs (MD DATA) are used for unit adjustment and ATP.

2-1-4 Measuring Equipments

Oscilloscope (mini. 20MHz) (recommend Analog Type)
Frequency Response Analyzer (recommend 5010A (NF Electric Instruments))
Jitter Meter (recommend DB-3260 (KENWOOD))
EF Phase difference Meter (recommend Phase Detector for MD (COPERU Co.))
SCSI Board (The SCSI Master (ADAPTEC AHA1542/1522/1742))
Pulse Jitter Counter (recommend TR5834/TR5835 (ADVANTEST))
Digital Multi Meter

2-1-5 Expendable and Chemical Supplies

Cleaning Liquid Lens(J-250-100-0A)
Cotton Swab (200pcs)(7-740-900-65)
Diamond Oil (NT-68)(7-661-018-18)
Sankol (FG-84M)(7-662-001-36)
MD DATA is trademark of Sony Corporation.
ADAPTEC is a registered trademark of Adaptec, Inc. of the U.S.A. Other names of the companies and products appearing in this manual are trademarks or registered trademarks of those companies.


2-2-1 Pin Board Ass'y and Fixture Base

(1) Configuration (Refer to Fig. 2-2-1)
REF. Description REF. Description
AP1013 VC AP7010 MT0
AP1015 E AP7011 WFCK
AP1022 F AP7013 DTSY
AP105 RFGND AP8114 3.5V1
AP126 LDI0 AP8116 3.1V
AP127 LDI1 AP8118 TXD
AP5020 RF AP8119 RXD
AP5030 ABCD AP8120 -RST
AP5070 FE-O SP5090 FEO
AP5126 TI TP8332 UNREG1
AP5127 FI TP8333 2.85V
AP5128 FDI TP8338 OP/CL
AP5129 TDI TP8339 UNREG2
AP7007 MT3 TP8340 3.5V2
AP7008 MT2 TP8341 4.75V
AP7009 MT1 TP8342 GND

(2) Pin Board Ass'y Function (3) Installation to Fixture Base (MDH-10)
  1. Remove the installation screws (4pcs) from the Fixture Base.
  2. Carefully attach the Pin Board Ass'y to the Fixture Base.
  3. Loosely fasten installation screws (4pcs) for adjustment later.
  4. Put a drive to the base and slide it in place.
  5. Push Pin Board up so that the positioning openings of drive's Mounted Board and positioning pins are aligned straightly.
  6. Fasten installation screws (4pcs) completely and then remove the drive from the Fixture.

2-2-2 Error Rate Counter (MD)

This enable you to count C1, C2 errors which appear when reading data and also to monitor AT errors of address (ADIP signals) which have already been recorded in Re-writable Adj. Disc or Read Only Disc.
(1) Configuration (Refer to Fig. 2-2-2) (2) Error Rate Counter (MD) Function

2-2-3 RF Buffer Board

This board shows +/- 12V with silk pattern but this board works with any of +5 ~ +12, and -5 ~ -12V.
(1) Configuration (Refer to Fig. 2-2-3)

2-2-4 RS-232 Interface 3V

This board is used for Adjustment or Function Check.

2-2-5 Discs

Test discs used in this manual are manufactured and prepared for the drive manufacturing and servicing use. Physical characteristics are qualified and special data for unit adjustment and evaluation is written. For the adjustment procedure in this manual, be sure to use specified disc with right data recorded. For the ATP and function test, you may use other discs, however, you might see some trouble due to the disc problem. Especially for the Rewritable Adj. Discs, continuous data must be written in the specific address area without error and defect. Format the disc to be repaired with SAFE FORMAT option and repair destroyed data on a standard disc. (Refer to Instruction Manual for details.)


2-3-1 Set Up Q/L System

Note: Make sure DOS (Ver. 5.1 or later) has been installed in the hard disk.
Note: ASPI4DOS.SYS of Device Driver for SCSI board has been installed in Config.SYS. (For the installation, refer to its instruction manual.)

2-3-2 System Configuration

a. Set dip switches on the SCSI Board as below. (Default I/O address on the Board is set to 330h, if you want to use other than address 330h, refer to the instruction manual I/O address setting.)

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