22 February 2000
Sharp Corporation

MD-MT50 Features

1. Recording Portable Type First :1 , AA Cell Compatible Design
It can run on Nickel-Metal Hydride & Dry cells.
- If the rechargeable battery runs out while you're out, simply insert a dry cell into the unit. You can relax.
- There's no need for an external battery case, so you can carry it smartly outdoors.
- The heart of the MD is the latest 0.25um 6th generation low power technology ATRAC LSI, giving 6.5 hours playback / 4.5 hours recording on a Nickel-Metal Hydride battery, or 7hrs / 3hrs on an Alkaline battery.
:1 AA cell internal type: As of 22 February 2000

2. Enhanced Mic (Mic sold separately) Recording Functions Added
For meetings. lectures, & business use there are many Mic recording functions.
- Recording automatically starts when a voice is detected. When no voice is sensed, it stops. [Mic Synchro Record] Thus none of the disc is wasted.
- Fixed Interval Automatic Track Marking ( 3 / 5 / 10 minutes ) [Time Automark Function] This is very convenient for playback.
- Mono recording allows twice the recording time on one disc. [Monoaural Longplay 2x Record Function] (Also possible when not using the Mic) There's also a double speed playback mode, where you can listen to recordings at twice their original speed. {possibly mono recordings only? didn't quite get it}

3. Internal Sampling Rate Convertor
- You can make and edit direct digital recordings of the music from CS & BS broadcasts.
(Use the Optical Cable AD-M1DC (sold separately))
- You can make direct digital recordings of music obtained from the net with a computer.
(Use the Digital Soundcard AD-AJ2 & Optical Cable AD-M2DC (both sold separately))

4. High Sound Quality Design
- We've upgraded to the use of combo style dual rail supply audio circuitry. Thus there's none of the sound deterioration associated with condenser (capacitor) outputs, so you can have more enjoyable playback.
- The volume control uses an analog attenuator. Even when playing back at low volume, the DA converter & ATRAC are operating over their full range.
- As MD sound quality is fundamentally affected by the compression / expansion ATRAC components, we've used a 24 bit processing design. Enjoy clear carefree high quality sound.
- For full bass reproduction we've adopted digital X-Bass. It adds very little noise, but increases the enjoyment of bass.

5. Fashionable Handstrap Attachment
You can attach any cellphone strap you like. {Cellphone accessories are HUGE in Japan}

6. Random Play, All Songs, 1 Song, Random Repeat functions have been included.

MD-MT50 Accessories

- AA Nickel-Metal
Hydride Battery
AD-N70BT RRP 1500 yen Scheduled for
15th March
- AC Adaptor AD-SS70AP    RRP 5000 yenIn production
 [Worldwide 100-240V Type]
- Stereo Headphones HP-MD70 RRP 3500 yen In production
- Car Power Adaptor
(For 12V/24V Cars)
AD-CA20X RRP 5000 yen In production
- Cassette Adaptor AD-CT13 RRP 3500 yen In production
- LCD Clock Remote    
AD-S31RM RRP 7500 yen In production
- Tiepin Mic MC-TP1 RRP 7800 yen In production
MC-TP2 Open Price In production
- Boundary Mic MC-BD1 RRP 10000 yen   In production
- Optical Cable AD-M1DC RRP 3000 yen In production
AD-M2DC RRP 3000 yen In production
- Digital Soundcard AD-AJ2 RRP 25000 yen   In production

MD-MT50 Specifications

ProductMD Portable Recorder
ModelMD-MT50 - S (Prussian Silver) / - A (French Blue)
FormatMinidisc Digital Audio System
Recording MethodMagneto-Optical Overwrite System
Reading MethodContactless Optical Pickup (Semiconductor Laser)
Error Correction
Advanced Cross Interleave Reed/Solomon Code (ACIRC)
ChannelsStereo 2 Channels / Mono (Long Play Mode) 1 Channel
44.1kHz (32kHz, 48kHz, & 44.1kHz can be recorded.)
Sound Compression
ATRAC (Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding)
24 Bit Processing
Frequency Response20-20 000 Hz (+-3dB)
Wow / FlutterBelow the measurable limit (+-0.001% W. Peak)
InputsCombined Line/Optical, Mic (Plug-in Power)
OutputsCombined Headphone/Remote Control Terminal
Input Sensitivity
Recording Level Standard Input LevelInput Impedance
MIC H0.25mV10kilohms
MIC L2.5mV10kilohms
Output Level
Fixed OutputMaximum Output LevelLoad
(when -12dB)
DC 1.2V: Supplied NiMH AA Cell (AD-N70BT) x1
DC 1.5V: Separate Alkaline AA Cell 1.5V x1
DC 4.5V: Separate Car Power Adaptor (AD-CA20X)
(DC 12V/24V Negative Earth Vehicles Only)
DC 5.0V: Supplied AD Adaptor (100VAC, 50/60Hz)
Battery Duration Time
Using the included rechargeable (full charge)
Using 1 high capacity Alkaline
Continuous Recording 4.5hrs Continuous Recording 3.0hrs
Continuous Playback 6.5hrs Continuous Playback 7.0hrs
*Recording Times- Analog Input, Volume Level "Vol 0"
*Playback Times- Volume Level "Vol 15"
Recharge Times3.5hrs (90%) / 5.5hrs (full charge)
using the supplied AC adaptor
External Dimensions99.9 x 22.9 x 77.9 mm
Weight191g (Rechargeable Battery Included)
Supplied Accessories
- Remote Control   - AC Adaptor
- Headphones   - Carry Case
- Rechargeable NiMH AA Cell    - Instruction Book
   (Battery Case included)   - Warranty Card