USRE034710Magneto-optical recording apparatus
AssigneeSony Corporation
Assign./FiledAug. 30, 1994/ July 16, 1993
InventorsFujisawa; Hirotoshi, Ohmori; Takashi, Ando; Ryo
SummaryPatent for magnetic overwrite recording and direct contact head.
AbstractA magneto-optical disc recording apparatus arranged such that the magneto-optical disc is recorded by irradiating the magneto-optical disc with a recording light beam from an optical pickup head device under the condition that the optical pickup head device is applied with an external magnetic field by external magnetic field generating means. In this magneto-optical disc recording apparatus, a spacer sheet is located on the magneto-optical disc, whereby the external magnetic field is applied to the magneto-optical disc under the condition that the external magnetic field generating means is brought in contact with the spacer sheet.