US06157434Movie film having two digital audio data recording areas along its longitudinal direction
AssigneeSony Corporation
Assign./FiledDec. 5, 2000/ Dec. 13, 1993
InventorsUeno; Masatoshi, Miyamori; Shinji
SummaryMethod of recording ATRAC on movie film.
AbstractThe movie film has two tracks of left and right digital audio data recording areas in addition to a frame image information recording area in the form of frames, an analog audio data recording area, and left and right perforations. In these audio data recording areas, the same encoded audio data is recorded. Preferably, the audio data is constituted, using the encoding system called the ATRAC system, by the encoding parameter data, the encoded audio data, and the same parameter as the encoding parameter doubly written. This doubly written parameter is recorded in a manner so that when for example the encoding parameter and the encoded audio data are recorded on the left side audio data recording area for a certain channel, the tracks are switched so that the recording is carried out on the opposite right side audio data recording area.